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Adventurer Guilds -  Guilds founded by those who hunt monsters as well as explore the lost corners of the world, seize its treasure and slay the monstrous creatures which guard them.


Adwari Islaes - An archipelago to the South-West of the Couhrraine continent. Tropical and rich, but under the thumb of the empire, rife with barbarity and anarchy, marred by a slave trade and facing a growing threat of monster girl nations hungry for husbands from the Dark Continent to its south.


Celruelian Kingdom - An ancient human kingdom located in the South-Easterly quadrant of the Couhrraine continent. Celruel would later go on to form the The Empire after the great Unification Crusade and defeat of the sixth greater Monster Lord.


Church of the Almighty - The official state religion of the Empire.


Empire of Man - The world's sole human supremacist superpower.


Free Ports Confederation - A collection of independent city states on the southern coast of the Couhrraine continent that practice free trade and remain separate from the Empire by paying tribute directly to the Imperial family.


Historical Periods - History of the world is thus far separated into six distinct ages, separated by events known as a 'sundering' which are either a cataclysmic event or revolution.


The Lost Century - A period of total war after the Sixth Greater Demon Lord War that sowed the seeds for the longevity of The Empire and persisting political and social system which humanity finds itself in centuries later.


Magic - The fifth force of nature, an enigmatic energy that can convert will to power.


The Nuptian Church - A quickly growing faith in monster girl society which will inevitably rival the Empire's own state religion.


Ouroboros - A secret society which has existed for many thousands of years and is dedicated to the callous gathering of knowledge, especially the forbidden, above all else.


The Sabbath - Independent cells of witches serving as magical research groups with an aggressive and radical 'lolicon' agenda.





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