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News and Updates (December 24th)


Merry Christmas. It's been awhile, but 2020 has been a little on the unorthodox side. I received some emails the past couple of months asking where I have been and rest assured that I am in good health. A lot of my plans were thrown into chaos and that took me away from writing for some time though. I had planned to start a graduate program, but the flu got in the way. I'm not willing to invest time and money with everything so locked down, so I took a year off. Besides that I had to pull some extra weight to help my relatives, take on more hours at work and in the chaos lost my muse and found it hard to sit down to put my nose to the grindstone and get the words from mind to paper. I managed to get some time and finish Chapter 110 in time for the holiday. Hopefully I'll be able to keep more on track in the new year with regular updates weeks or a month apart instead of half a year.


This recent chapter might be rough and I'll give it once or twice over after Christmas settles down. I'll be doing some house cleaning in the site organization and hopefully keeping my fingers warm by updating a few new glossary entries to help with the world building. Until next time. Thanks for reading and don't be afraid to keep in touch with an email if you have a comment or question to ask.


Stay healthy.



Anonymoose's Monster Girl Saga


That's this story's title due to a lack of a more clever or fitting title and may change in the future.




This story is about a man who has been pulled out of our world and thrust, sink or swim, into another. It is a world of miracles and magic and mankind shares it with all manner of creatures from folklore. These creatures, however, recently (only a few centuries ago) metamorphosed into beautiful women. These girls may look human now, but they retain iconic features of their previous forms while some remain a bit monstrous at heart. Although they have lost their compulsion to maim, kill, and devour men, the compulsion has been replaced with a new drive: Lust. Male monsters have ceased to be, the sole outlet for their lust and reproduction are human men. Their only means of survival is to woo them. Those still monstrous at heart capture and rape them.


This transformation has flipped the previous world on its head. Now the stage is being set for a final bloody conflict between man and monster. For over 10,000 years man and monster waged an endless war, and no one yet knows how the conflict between man and monster girl will play out. Its final chapter is now being written and the die has been cast. The newly crowned Monster Lord seeks to establish a hegemony and banish the old world order. One where monsterkind reigns supreme. Joined together with man, to ravish him with lust and heap upon him love and adoration.


Meanwhile, the religious orders of the old seek to weather this final storm and emerge victorious. To preserve man as God made them. Our protagonist is caught in the middle of this familiar yet strange land. He desperately seeks answers and a way home. Will he and his swelling party of lovers companions manage to aid him in this quest to return home again, or will they lead him to his destiny instead?




A special word of thanks for all those various artists whose works make this niche the niche that it is. A particularly special thanks to Kenkou Kurosu whose Monster Girl Encyclopedia forms the backbone of inspiration from which I draw when writing this story. Give his work a look over to set your mental image straight for the monsters and heroines that appear in this story. Just scale down the size of their hands and feet a bit. Seriously, what is up with that?


Without further ado, I present to you the chapters of the story thus far.


The Story Thus Far:


Volume One


Volume Two


Volume Three


Volume Four


Volume Five


Volume Six


Volume Seven

Chapter 107

Chapter 108

Chapter 109





Tangentially Related Stuff:


For other things related (or not) to the story. Short stories and the like.


Rose's Dream (volume 1: end)

The Princess and the Coin (volume 3: end)

Before Dinner Minte (volume 4: end)

Star-Crossed (volume 5: end)

Take Two and You're Sore in the Morning  (post volume 4 lewd)

Address of the Beast (post volume 6 lewd)

Moonlit: Her Sun Rises (post volume 6 lewd)

Enter the Ebon Wing: Part 1 Part 2 (post volume 6)

Crusader (post volume 6)



I can be reached at jones554@hotmail.com for any questions or comments.

Height: 206 cm
(tail length): 198 cm
(wing span): 493 cm
Weight: 102 kg
B:W:H: 121-74-108

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