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Chapter 1-12

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For the better part of what felt like five hours, with only the sun moving across the alien sky to tell me, my arm went through the worst hell it has experienced in its lifetime. Being pulled continuously around town by this impossibly strong girl who is unable to contain her excitement; she visited market stall after market stall and store after store. She was stockpiling an ever growing pile of goods that looked fit for a whole platoon of men rather than for two. Food, blankets, pots and pans anything else you'd check off a to-do list for a camping trip or death hike through nature. Donald had promised to arrange for us to be smuggled to the south coast; I wasn't sure what expenses were included in a trip like that, or even how far this far Southern coast was. I don't think the journey to Donald's final resting place was far enough away to plan for a month's long excursion.


The amount of stuff she was just picking off the shelves worried me, but all she had to do was flash that guild card of hers. Money didn't seem like a concern for this girl she acted as if it were a platinum credit card from Daddy.. All I knew was that money she raised by doing a relentless amount mercenary work made it so the organization she's apart of would just hand-waive away whatever related expenses she desired. Or was it someone else, hopefully not me, who would be stuck with the paperwork to justify it so we weren't back-charged? I was also worried that she had dropped any pretenses of playing the calm, cool and collected sword for hire. She was openly affectionate, almost boastfully so. She was filled with glee and excitedly pointed toward various things and asked if it was alright that we got some of that and more of this. Maybe I was supposed to play the part of the level headed one, but it was her money or rather the guild's money, and I didn't feel it was my place to reign her in. It wasn't until I was lugging around one full and very heavy pack that I realized this had been the wrong course of action.


After a time, I was laden with two large rucksacks each the size of my torso. Despite all my hardships Rosette managed to carry twice that without even a hint of effort showing on her face. It was emasculating to say the least, but she didn't seem to care about the likely sullen look on my face nor complain I wasn't carrying enough. My solace came when sun was setting, and the busy market would vanish along with it. Its heat had punished me all day, and I would be glad to finally be rid of it. The only thanks I could offer to the sun was that it got rid of that oil. Some of it evaporating or washing away as a layer of sweat replaced it. After several hours of shopping, I was rather surprised the whole excursion went off without a hitch. No one cried out, “Monster!” and ran for the hills. No Church thugs attempted to immolate me... Again... Not even one merchant slammed a door in our faces or pleaded that we leave. Money is money in the end. I'm sure there was only trouble for the person who dared try to get in the way of Rosette today. She was... overprotective... to say the least. Looking back on it, today had all the hallmarks of a date. There was little else you could have called it, but instead of shoes her eyes sparkle at the sight of dried meat and weapons. If it wasn't obvious to me already it was driven home today. Rosette, at times, does act rather girly, yet she is definitely not an ordinary girl.


I found myself studying her smiling face on more than one occasion. I periodically almost forgot how we had met. Every time I came back to reality I felt a pang of fear in my heart. Not only because I remember what happened but because my emotions trying to remembering it were getting jumbled up. If this is what they meant by Stockholm Syndrome, I could write a book on it by now. There was something hypnotic about the whiteness of her predatory teeth, the glimmer in her eyes and jovial swaying of her hips as she bounced around the market. Even though my arm felt like it might be pulled from its socket because of the clawed arm she locked around my own, the pangs of fear slowly abated as the day went on... What the hell am I thinking? Am I sick? No healthy person would easily forget what happened. What she did. She can hide it behind that smile, but I still remember. There's no way she's going to fool me with that smile.


While I was simmering, Rosette finally relented as the day came to its end. I was dragged to the inn where lodging had been prepared for the two of us. The innkeeper was an older man, short and stocky; he was accompanied by an old maid who appeared to be his wife. She sat in the corner behind the reception desk repairing white sheets with a needle and thread. I could feel how frightened the old man was; his wife, however, seemed no worse for wear. Her milky white eyes told me she had already long since gone blind. Besides those two and ourselves, the inn was completely deserted. Row upon row of keys for each room still hung behind the desk. All untouched and complete with traces of dust.


The Inquisition had set up shop for some time; those that had nowhere to go stayed; everyone else got the hell out of Dodge. The air around town was still reserved; people avoided sites which had been the location of other executions. Fear was still looming in the air, and I shied away from thinking how much Donald had bribed the old couple to put up with a monster and the man accused of 'laying with her'. They were probably caught somewhere in the middle between being thankful for our shenanigans that dislodged the Inquisition and still fearful of the monster that was staying under their roof. A monster who the church took great pains to paint as, well, a monster.


I was distraught when the old man with a shaky hand extended a key towards us. First, because his fear was palatable, and I felt sorry for him; he was probably running out of money and couldn't refuse. Second, it was for only one room. I cursed Donald under my breath. Rosette quickly freed one of her claws, reached out and snagged the key before I could protest. She beamed the old man a bright toothy smile. I think she almost gave him a heart attack with that, and he retreated back behind the counter in terror. I suppose that was to be expected. Her teeth looked human, but the ridges of each were razor sharp like a carnivore. If sunk into flesh, Rosette possessed the ability to tear someone apart. If monsters were creatures that preyed on humans, it wouldn't be so far fetched either to think they might just eat humans whole, and that maw wasn't helping to convince people otherwise. The old man had retreated and asking him to arrange two separate rooms was a long gone possibility. I was then spirited away when her free claw grabbed me by my shirt collar, and she whisked me away up the stairs.


Rosette had seemed very intent on not rocking any boats with exaggerated public displays of affection, but that charade seemed to have ended. The slightest hint of suspicion had a man and his cronies itching to off me. The whole meeting had been so casual, as though my death would be just any old thing they had to do that morning. After surviving their most powerful and dreaded tool at their disposal, Rosette had seemed to slowly ease back into her usual self. Especially when she so casually mentioned how glad she was that I was 'invincible'. All the cuts, bruises and perhaps even minute bone fractures I was carrying around from my jaunt through the woods told a different story. If I had not inadvertently agitated Zerin, I may have met my death by a more conventional and down to earth method.


Far down the hallway, at the very end, through a pair of double doors, Rosette pushed our way through into our room. They rebounded back closing with an ominous slam and click. Thankfully, she finally let go of my shirt collar and dropped the various bags she had been carrying with her along the floor as she skipped toward the pair of two beds. I was immediately relieved at seeing two of them. I joined Rosette in letting the two rucksacks slide off my shoulders and hit the floor with a thud. By then Rosette had already leaped onto one of the beds and started to roll about giggling and sprawling atop it. Maybe this was a luxury she often didn't treat herself to? Given the reception and hospitality around here, it wouldn't be so surprising she'd avoid towns unless necessary.


Oblivious to my observing her, Rosette rummaged through one of the bags and began to shovel handfuls of smoked beef into her mouth. She savagely ripped and tore into them with her sharp teeth. The way she smiled ear to... fin to fin; she was obviously enjoying herself. Perhaps beef jerky, or any other smoked meat for that matter, was her favorite food. She was so engrossed that I dared not bother her. The other bed was so inviting; but now that I had stopped and stood still for so long in one place, I was still covered by a day's worth of sweat, dirt and grime. I didn't quite get how Rosette managed to stay so clean herself. I never noticed her sweat. Perhaps she didn't, or rather she didn't have to. She seemed capable of adjusting to any temperature. Maybe she didn't have a single sweat gland in her entire body? She noticed I was staring at her, and I quickly looked away in a panic and pretended to be distracted by something, anything, elsewhere.


The room itself was rather spacious; it was clear this was the VIP room of the inn. It already put the size of my apartment to shame. It was at least six by six meters of space, complete with two double beds, a table and chair for an eating area and an assortment of other chairs and couches arranged into small reading area. From behind the windows, obscured by a pair of shutters, the red dusk sunlight poured in. Another doorway stood halfway to the far wall which revealed a bathroom, once again its size put my own to shame. I imagine it would be among the most luxurious amenities in this world. A fresh chamberpot underneath a well crafted wooden chair, a tall bathtub forged from bronze and a setup with a bucket elevated up high with a faucet in the bottom that looked like some type of shower.


I could still hear Rosette tearing and chewing away back in the other room, so I closed the door behind me and got undressed. I took a much closer look at the various gashes, scraps, cuts and scabs covering my body. Putting my hands on the counter before a large bathroom mirror, I gazed into it. There I saw a face looking back at me which had been spared most the beating that had pushed my body to its limit. Bags under my eyes, scruffy and messy brown hair that had been tossed into a matter mess on top my head and rough unshaven stubble had started to set in. That face looking back at me looked like a mess. Tin containers full of water were lined up along the wall. I indulged myself by pouring a good deal into the basin below the mirror and rinsing vigorously. My face looked ten years younger for doing so as the grime washed away. I eyed the bronze tub and the shower next, and I didn't have any second thoughts. I emptied canister after canister of the water into the tub, lit a miniature stove beneath it and made my way to the shower.


A cascade of cold water fell down onto me, and I almost regretted my decision. A warm shower was a luxury from home I would most likely have to do without. Still, the water although cold was clean; and as it soaked my head, I was able to force my fingers through my own hair once again. Clear water turned grey and brown as it swirled round and round the drain at my feet. The cold water also washed and stung my various injuries. It was a welcome feeling though. I felt as though the ordeal of the last few days were being slowly washed away. I eventually closed my eyes, held my face toward the stream of water and let it flow over me; my open palms at my hips pointing toward the heavens as if I was praying to rain.


All I could hear was the water pounding on my skull, so I did not notice the ambush coming from behind. Wrapping under my arms were a pair of red scaled forearms and claws crossed over my chest. Those scaly palms rested on my chest, and a body was pulled toward them. Two large fleshy mounds squeezed themselves onto my back each crowned with a hard fleshy nub. Lastly, I felt the soft smooth skin of a cheek rest on my shoulder. I completely froze, and my body became rigid and tense. I stood by as I felt the sharp tipped claws drag across my chest; the fingertips stopping at each wound before moving on.


     “R-Rosette?” I called out in a shaky voice.


There wasn't an answer, but there was no way these arms and claws could belong to anyone else. Neither had I seen another with a similar bust size currently pressed up against my back. Any doubt was washed away when the sensation of cold water started to disappear as her body heat started to heat the cold water at an alarming rate. Those claws of hers eventually retreated from my chest and eventually clung to my shoulders. Rosette was still leaning her weight on me. Despite the strength she could throw around, it always confounded me how little she weighed. She was definitely still a woman and smaller than me. My heart was losing all control and beating wildly.


     A small voice, meek sounding, called me from behind, “I'm sorry.”


     “I-” My voice cracked, forcing me to scramble to regain my composure, “I told you not to be.”


     “Why not? You got in trouble because of me. I knew it could happen too.”


That foreknowledge bit is a revelation. I wasn't sure exactly what she meant, but I didn't feel any different after hearing it.


     “No, really. If anyone should be sorry shouldn't it me? I mean, I stopped you from fighting, You really wanted to. I could tell.” I shrugged my shoulders, “I didn't want to risk getting hurt. That goes for you or anyone else around. Also, if you attacked them, wouldn't you lose your guild membership? That was probably part of their plan. I didn't want that to happen because of me.”


I got ahead of myself and turned around to face her; putting my hands on her shoulders I held her still and looked right at her. She looked up at me, intently listening. Those amber crocodile eyes looked very moist, and I don't think it was just because of the shower still cascading down off our heads.


     “I got greedy and wanted everything to go my way. So don't blame yourself for it at all. There's a good chance if you hadn't come along I'd be still lost in the woods, dead or worse. I can't be anything but thankful even after that, well, incident.”


From her melancholic and intently listening face, her expression lightened up, and her signature smile slowly returned along with her color. I suddenly noticed the embarrassing words coming out of my mouth and the fact we were both facing each other, almost touching and embracing, and became flustered immediately.


     “T-that is to say. I-I still don't approve of all your actions. You c-clearly did not make a good first impression. I'm still mad about that. Don't think I just approve of everything you do!” I could barely backpedal fast enough, and I was tripping over my own tongue attempting to do so.


That last bit seemed to have entered one fin and left the other. She just stood there with that stupid smile on her face with her eyes closed. Her claws hanging at her side. Her dark red hair wet, not tied up and hanging down to her buttocks. Then her grin receded, and her face came closer to mine; her lips slightly pursed. On her claw like feet, she was on her 'toes' and pushing ever closer. I looked to the right and left instinctively like a cornered animal looking for an escape. I felt myself heating up. I was in such close proximity with Rosette; and now that I looked right at it her tail, there was a fire slowly building and fanning into a blazing inferno.


I reached critical mass and skirted around her outside along the shower booth's wall. Still burning hot, I cooled myself off by jumping into the nearby bathtub. It was still halfway between polar and tepid, but I felt like I had left a sauna and jumped into a snowbank. The shock to my system snapped me back to my senses, at least for long enough to realize the mistake I had probably made.


Before I had another moment to think, there was a blur and a splash. A weight was on me. The rims of the tub became a waterfall as its contents were displaced by about another fifty kilograms or so. I found myself staring at someone's back and head. Rosette had seated herself between my legs. Hanging off to the side and draped over the side of the tub was Rosette’s tail which was still burning even though most of it was still underwater. With her back leaning against my chest, it was still partially in the way and I could feel it twitch and whip back and forth every so often.


Kicking her clawed feet up on the rim of the bathtub, interlocking her clawed fingers, stretching them outward with an audible crack and stretching her shoulders with a groaning sigh, she pushed her weight onto me further. Afterwards she giggled and leaned her head back to rest against my chest. Once again the scent of campfire, the smell of burning cedar, wafted upwards. Steam had started to rise from the surface of the water. Something else was also starting to rise.


I noticed my hands, which had been gripped on the sides of the bathtub had risen and suspended themselves into the air. It was if they had taken on a mind of their own and were pleading in forgiveness, “I'm not touching! I'm not touching!” It was then that I felt they had been seized in Rosette's claws, and she drew them in. She crossed her own arms and mine from one of her shoulders to the other, embracing her. Something she immediately moaned, squirmed and ground herself further backwards into me over.


By now I had completely frozen. I dared not move a muscle least something pop out somewhere. I slowly drew my arms back until they rested on each of her shoulders. I was about to push her away to save my own sanity when I squeezed a little hard and the most peculiar moan came out from her mouth. It was laced with ecstasy, and it put me completely off my game and wrecked havoc with my head.


     She was breathing heavily now, “Laven. Do that again.” I was still stunned when she repeated herself, almost begging, “Hey. Hey! Do it again.” It was when she spoke again for the third time I broke, “Please.”


That accursed word, I couldn't help but oblige. I gripped both her shoulders in my hands and slowly started to dig my thumbs into the back of her shoulder and roll the muscles there. Rosette was tense at first, but she quickly went loose as I worked away at her shoulders and back of her neck with a massage. I was once again reminded just how small and feminine she was. My own hands were quite large compared to her shoulders, but the muscles behind that tan skin were definitely more taut, and there wasn't much body fat present. It was almost just bone and muscle. Each time I dug my thumbs in she squirmed and moaned in ecstasy. Eventually, she started arching her back every so often when I got a little rough and upped the pressure. The water temperature had been steadily increasing all this time, and I had started sweating.


After a few minutes, my hands started to get rather tired, and I began to slow down. Suddenly, Rosette pulled back and turned herself around in the tub and faced me. Sitting on her knees still tucked between my legs, she looked at me with a dangerous look in her eyes. I gulped involuntarily.


     “Laven.” She cooed.


     “Y-yes?” I replied nervously.


     “I want you to massage something else.” She said coquettishly.


I didn't even get a chance to ask when she slowly, but firmly, grabbed hold of my right hand and brought it to her left breast. I felt her nipple rest between my middle and ring finger, and my hand sank into the flesh. My hand seized up in shock and clenched on its own. My fingers sank deeper into the fatty tissue. I couldn't even hold it all my hand, and they hung there in front of my face, hanging, firm, defying gravity. I didn't know what I was doing anymore when my other hand reached and obliged Rosette by cupping her other breast in my left hand. In my right hand I could feel a distinct heart beat, it was thumping away violently. Rosette repositioned herself in front of me, pushing closer to me; she sat down on her shins which she used to trap my right leg. I felt something distinct on my thigh; and as my hands clenched, pushed, pulled and rotated on their own, she started to push her hips forward and back, rubbing her groin against my leg.


Her breaths had become hot and heavy, so hot and heavy that I also noticed something else that was going on. The water in the bathtub had started bubbling! I hadn't felt any pain, but I noticed my own skin started turning red like a lobster boiling away in a pot. I immediately panicked and tried to pull back. I stood up and almost fell over backwards out of the tub. But I wasn't fast enough. Two claws wrapped around my legs and pulled me back. I was now sitting on edge of the tub, my legs still in the water and Rosette looking up at me with dangerous eyes and a flirtatious smile. Those claws clinging to my legs, the talons almost piecing flesh wrapped around and held my legs together, holding me securely in place. With only frictionless surfaces to push off I was not able to squirm away. Rosette's eyes drifted downward to my crotch; there, having emergency blown to the surface, was my erect cock.


     I started to plead right away, “Rosette. Rosette please. Control yourself.”


     “I've always wanted to do this.” Rosette was completely gone. She wasn't talking to me anymore, “My friend told me her husband really liked it when she did it.”


     “Rosette.” I mustered the most serious tone I could. “Please listen. Don't play around-”


I watched as Rosette's tongue unfurled out of her mouth and approached my member. Her tongue was at least seven centimeters longer than an average human's. I could feel the breath through her nostrils as she approached, and her face suspended itself right next to it. She then tentatively brought her tongue to my shaft and slowly dragged it along my underside to it's base. I felt a shiver start from my hips and spread. A reaction that she seemed to notice and spurred her onward. She pulled back and licked my throbbing glans which hit me with a burst of pleasure from my hips twice that of before. When her tongue ran along the underside of the glan's ridge I let out a moan I couldn't stifle. It was a sign she immediately took advantage of, and her tongue dexterously curled itself around. My mind went blank and my vision white for a very brief moment.


Her tongue prodded and licked away. It slipped and slid across my shaft to my head and back again. It was very slow and methodical, gentle and curious. There was a little apprehension that she wasn't able to hide. I had long since thrown my head back; but when I looked back down again after feeling her tongue retreat, I noticed her right clawed hand, talons and all, wrapped around the base. She had stopped holding me down, but with those razor sharp talons I dared not jostle and pull back, lest I regret it by making a bloody mess.


In her claw, she tightened her grip and let go multiple times; every so often she looked up at me to see the look on my face before focusing her attention back to the matter at hand.


     “Is this how you do it?” She looked up and asked me.


     “Do what?” I asked between breaths.


     “My friend of mine once said men do this kind of thing all the time, but she said her husband likes it a lot when she does it.”


I wasn't thinking straight so I responded honestly, “Masturbate? That's when you grip tightly and stroke- whoa!”


She didn't even wait for me to finish as she immediately began to run her claw up and down the shaft, increasing in speed steadily. In one corner of my head, I was terrified of those talons tearing me to pieces down there, but from the other corner was the rush of pleasure radiating outward from my loins. From the palm of her claw, there was a body heat seeping in that was spreading throughout my body and numbing me. It was just like last time and the many other times she kept continuous skin contact. Except this time, it was many times more potent.


By now I had lost track of how long I had been on the receiving end, but suddenly Rosette stopped altogether. I looked down to see her claw still clasped around the base of my shaft, but she was looking closely at the tip where I had started to leak precum. I was on the verge of getting my grip on reality back and getting her to stop when she licked it off. It was then there was an almost frightening change in her. I could feel her hot breath tickle me down below; she licked the head, but quickly progressed to pursing her lips together and kissing it until; almost on instinct, she wrapped her lips around it and took it into her mouth. The change in temperature fried my senses. Inside her mouth I felt that tongue of hers wrap around me. Her hand began pumping up and down again at the base of the shaft, and her head began to bob back and forth. I felt slight pricks along my penis as my brain told me that she was lightly grating it along her razor sharp teeth. Had I been of better mind, I may have panicked, but I had long since passed the point of no return.


With one claw wrapped at the base, the other claw clasped over the first claw, her lips and teeth sliding back and forth over the glans and the rest of the shaft and her tongue coiling and prodding, I felt as though I was quickly reaching a climax. Muscles in my buttocks were kicking in and on instinct thrust back and forth following the motions Rosette was moving in. She too had long since been lost to reason. As I was reaching my limits, I felt her take my cock ever further as I started to reach the back of her throat. She released the shaft from her grip, rested her claws on my hips and began taking it in all they way down her throat. Losing my own mind, I grabbed the sides of her head and took locks of her long red hair in my hands. In a single explosion, I released what had pent up till that moment.


Rosette gave a gagged yelp of surprise as I painted the back of her throat white, pulse after pulse of powerful and sweet muscle contractions in my lower body fired off again and again as my head went blank, and my vision whited out. After more than twenty seconds, I finally felt spent. My hands lost their strength and let Rosette go. She pulled back, my legs gave out and I slid back into the tub between her legs. I felt exhausted, but I looked at Rosette still kneeling there. She tilted her head back and, with a gulp, swallowed. There was a satisfied look of ecstasy on her face as she looked at me, but her eyes were still as dangerous as before.


It was me who came to my senses first. I had been completely oblivious, but I soon noticed that the nearly full bathtub was now completely devoid of any water. A cloud of steam hung in the room; every drop that had been there before had evaporated. If a nearby window had not existed or had not been open, the room very well may have become an actual sauna.


What had happened before was happening all over again. I slipped out of the tub; this time Rosette was either too out of it or didn't want to try and stop me. Every drop of water and sweat on me had been blasted off by the heat radiating from Rosette. I stumbled over the dry bathroom floor, through the door from the bathroom and saw the two beds in the main room had been pulled together into a single larger bed. Rosette had planned this all out in advance.


I turned around to see Rosette had appeared naked right behind me. I backed away from her with each step she took. There was no way I could get away from her. Nor could I move backwards fast enough. She was sticking right to me the whole way, looking up at me with a flushed expression. Lecherous predator like eyes and a sexy smile stabbed into my heart. Her tail whipped behind her, embers thrown off with each flick and they scattered and danced in the air floating to the floor. I only remember seeing these flames burn so brightly twice before. When she pushed herself on me the very first time, and the time she fought that Amazon on the river bed. The back of my knees hit something. It was soft, but I had run into the bed. It was then that Rosette leaped at me, twisted around and pulled me down on top of her.


So there I was, my hands holding me up, Rosette half on the bed, her legs resting on the floor, I was standing and hanging over her. Her claws were grasping my shoulders tightly, her hair was spread out over the bed cover, and she was looking up at me with an inviting gaze. There was no pulling back; slowly, surely, she pulled me in; my face was approaching closer to hers. All my strength wasn't enough; it only slowed her down. I was on a collision course. The closer I got to her the more heat I felt. The more heat I felt the more my reason broke down and the more my thoughts slowed. By the time my lips were hovering just above hers, my strength left me, and she closed the last bit of distance with a single tug, and I kissed her. Her long tongue aggressively lunged out as well and wrestled with my own.


I was locked in now; she backed up, moving her body up and onto the bed, and I followed. She lay there with her back on the bed, looking up at me on my hands and knees above her. Our lips separated, and we were both greedily breathing. Once again she brought her own face toward mine lightning fast and kissed me again. She hung there for a moment, no tongue; she then pulled back and looked at me with those amber crocodile eyes of hers. I felt the palms of her claws caress each of my cheeks.


     She got my attention and then said only three simple words, “Laven. I love you.”


In the meantime, I had gotten hard and ready again. There was a heat inside me that was trying to escape, particularly from one location. I was swollen, larger than normal. It hurt, and that heat was begging for release. I had no control when I thrust forward, and I felt a warm, soft and wet embrace below. Rosette's back arched immediately on insertion, and her claws wrapped around and held tight to the back of my neck. I had no idea what was going on anymore; there was a heat in my body that had to let free. It cooked my senses and my reason. It drove my hips forward, forward further into Rosette. The closer I got to Rosette, the warmer I got and the cycle fed itself and escalated further and further. I had already cum and cum hard earlier, but that wasn't stopping me. I was incredibly sensitive; but even if it was so sensitive it felt like it hurt a little, I continued on. On her back, Rosette's own hips timed themselves with my own, and we rocked back and forth on the bed together. She held on tight, and I felt her legs cross over my back. She held onto me like I was the only thing holding her above some gaping chasm.


The beds creaked under the weight and the rough motions and rattled when I began to pick up speed. Rosette clung tighter, closer, giving off more heat, and to expend that heat I moved even faster. Rosette had started letting out short sweet moans, and they started escalating into long lewd ones. I felt my penis being constricted and pulled further inward. Muscles and membranes worked away at my cock in a way I hadn't imagined possible, edging me on. As I reached my limit to how fast I could rock forward and back, Rosette's breathing had become pants of ecstasy. I continued to plunge harder, plunging forward and deeper each time. I felt another being deep inside, wrapped around me, constricting, tugging, pulling, embracing softly, slick, sticky and wet. Rosette was approaching some limit as well. Her talons scratched my skin and dug in painfully, but it wasn't a pain that could stand up to a pleasure that was building. Even when she reached up with her teeth and sunk them into my shoulder I continued on. All of it only goaded me to a final goal.


A final stage had been reached, I had reached a critical speed, I felt myself break past a limit and I heard Rosette's breathing and moans do the same. With a few final deep thrusts I pushed past the final limit, thrust myself as fast as I could, and for the second time I let loose inside her. My loins poured forth into Rosette, and she clung to me, receiving all of it. Convulsion after convulsion, I felt with each additional thrust; each one weaker and more pathetic than the last, a great deal of heat escape from my body. I gritted my teeth and groaned; Rosette's back arched; her body convulsed just like mine and literally screamed in ecstasy. Finally, Rosette's grip on me loosened, and with my strength sapped I fell on top of her. I rolled off to the side, easing my weight off of her chest which had been heaving up and down desperate for air. I too lay there desperately looking for air. After being joined for so long, I felt separated and isolated, but that was soon banished when a petite and female form rolled over and nestled itself beside me. I felt a large pair of soft but firm breasts press up against my chest; smooth silky thighs and abdomen rubbed against me, and scaly claws rubbed up against my lower legs. I turned to look at the face beside me. The face of a woman, a beautiful one at that, eyes closed, a mouth smiling drifting off to sleep.


Sleep was overcoming me as well. There was a heat beside me, seeping out from her to me, but there was also the cold night air from the window. The sun had long ago set; there was no city lights like I was used to, but there was candle light all around. There was also fire light, lots of it. Not just from behind Rosette's back where her tail laid at rest. But from the bed covers. The curtain. A few of the chairs. A decorative painting or two. All of them were smouldering; each belched black smoke as well. I was almost passed out myself. A sane part of my brain cried out that maybe it was smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide. My rational brain also saw the embers from Rosette's tail and put two and two together.


     I poked Rosette's cheek a couple of times, “Rosette, the room is on fire.” She scrunched her face and groaned, but there was no response. “Rose.” I said. “Rose the room is on fire.” I said lazily in a monotone.


She tossed and turned in her sleep again. But the fires around the room all died at once. There was some smoke left, but it was pushed out with the gusts of wind from the window. There was damage everywhere, but I hadn't the energy to care or sympathize. I only hoped the old couple had been well compensated in advance. After tossing and turning for a moment, she pulled herself even closer to me and buried her face in my shoulder, and her breathing became calm, rhythmic. I too then drifted off to sleep.

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