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Chapter 2-3

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I slowly roused from my unconscious state with a throbbing headache. I was disorientated, hurting and last but not least, scared out of my mind. Even after opening my eyes everything was still pitch black. When I tried to rub my aching head I felt my hands were tied up. Tied to a rod which I felt resting on the back of my neck and shoulders. When I tried to stand up I felt two strong hands push me back down on my knees.


     That arrogant voice of the girl from before broke the silence, “The trespasser awakens? Excellent.”


     “Excuse me,” I said. “Can someone at least read me my rights?”


     “Silence mortal!” The girl screamed. She then cleared her throat and regained her composure, “There will be order in my court. You shall speak when I allow it.”


     “No, seriously. If this is a court, I think you're infringing on every right I-”


     Her voice was strained again, “Do not force my hand to gag you as well, mortal.”


I decided to keep quiet. I had a bad habit of running my mouth when I was nervous. Blathering helped me think while I stalled whatever horrible thing was going to happen to me next. Right now it was only going to make matters worse. I could tell that much from my new captor's temper.


     “The first order of business.” She declared, “Ladies. Unveil the accused.”


With the two strong hands still holding down my shoulders I heard another slow and limping patter of feet approach me from the front. A pair of dry and clumsy fingers ripped off a layer of fabric from my eyes. I must have been knocked out for quite some time because the torchlight blinded me at first. I had to close my eyes and suffer the sting until I was able to look at my surrounding. When I could, it made sense why I had been so blinded.


Gold. There was gold everywhere. The walls had murals like those in the hallway made of gold. There were gold artifacts, pots, chests, tools and weapons. Even a gold chariot and a small archaic river boat crafted from polished wood and ivory. Resting on top that boat was a sarcophagus. The face was different, but it looked very much like King Tut's. Did I walk into some museum exhibit? The room was just like one; it was as large as two by two tennis courts and about ten meters high. It would have been quite a comfortable underground bunker if it wasn't crammed to near full capacity with all these objects and people. To the left and right there were two smaller door frames that lead into other rooms. I didn't know what was in them or how big they were, but I was probably dropped inside one of them when I accidentally ended up here.


I then noticed everyone standing around me. There had to be at least a dozen of them that I could see. They were once again all women. What was different this time was that they were mostly covered from head to toe in bandages. They were worn suggestively, some bellies exposed, others parts of their legs or arms, each one wore theirs differently. Even across their faces. Some covered their eyes, others did not. Some covered only their mouths. Regardless of how they dressed, they all were the same in a single way. They appeared empty, almost lifeless. I came to the conclusion pretty quickly; I had seen enough old horror movies; they were mummies. But they were also all girls, all with smooth perfect brown skin, slim waists and limbs and attractive facial features. I had stumbled once again into some type of monster's lair.


Finally my gaze fell upon their leader. She sat high above where a pair of eyes, irises dyed crimson red, appraised me. With long jet black hair in a hime cut, bangs hanging just above her eyebrows, straight hair down her back where she almost sat on it as it coiled on the seat beside her and hanging over her shoulders in the front. Atop her head was a strange ornament made of solid gold. It was some sort of crown or tiara., but what concerned me more was that it sat between two black furry ears. Ears that stood tall on top of her head, their white tips reaching for the ceiling above. They looked like dog ears, no, they were dog ears, jackal ears. It wasn't some gimmicky headband. I watched them twitch as the white fibers pouring out from within caught the slightest of vibrations in the stale dead air.


Once again I had a sickening feeling in my stomach; I was no longer a novice in this sort of scenario. Still, my eyes continued to study this regal looking girl looking down at me. I was struck by the feeling that I was looking upon a tanned skinned young Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. Like Rose, there wasn't a trace of makeup not even that stereotypical Egyptian makeup upon her face. There was definitely a power in that gaze and captivating natural beauty on her face.


Unlike Rose, this girl's body didn't show taut skin with hidden muscle underneath; she looked much softer but just as svelte and far more feminine. Her choice in dress wasn't any more modest either. A black-purplish turtleneck crop top adorned her chest. It was skintight and reached down just enough to cover her soft ample breasts. And there hung what must be c-cups, just shy of D. Modest, but not by much compared to Rose. As her chest pushed out and fell back in with each breath, her breasts jiggled ever so slightly. She definitely had a body that looked softer than Rose and- I shook my head to rid myself of my train of thought. This wasn't the time to get hypnotized and start ogling.


Below her chest, on each side of her abdomen, there were two vertical lines with dots underneath. The dots sat on each side of her navel, and the streaks reached up just shy of her breasts. They were white tattoos which stood out against her tan skin. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they were exclamation points. She also wore archaic, regal and blue loose fitting pants. The inner thighs, crotch area, and no doubt, buttocks were exposed. It was like an exotic and risque belly dancer's pants. Within the holes of the groin area, there was a black-purplish pair of bikini panties. Each and every article of clothing was adorned and trimmed with gold. As the amount of torchlight slowly increased, the glistening gold came clearer in to view. There was even the most ornate sky blue and trimmed with gold collar corset worn partly over her crop top.


That was where she was human; but like her ears, her forearms down were covered in jet black fur. Instead of hands she had black wolf paws, pads and all on the palms. One of the digital paws seemed to have been adapted into a thumb on each paw, but all still had soft pads underneath as well. Instead of feet there were black wolf paws and fur that ran up to just before her knees. There was a fluff of white where her tanned skin and black fur met at her elbows and knees. Each and every digit was tipped with long canine claws. Behind her back I could see a bushy jet black wolf's tail swaying back and forth lazily. It wasn't some fetish, it was attached to her lower spine, another tip of white fur at the end drawing patterns in the empty air.


I know enough about my ancient history to come to a conclusion about what I was looking at. The monsters of this world are all a cross between monsters and women, and this girl could be nothing else other than this world's idea of an anubis. A creature from ancient Egyptian mythology. But why was there something so blatantly Egyptian in this world? I had heard and studied about convergent evolution, but this was getting ridiculous. Maybe our two worlds were connected in some way?


While I had been studying the anubis, she had also been looking over me. Her eyes were judgmental; her stare carried a weight and power that many people tried very hard  to emulate with words, actions and status. If I had to pin a word to it, I could say nothing other than 'divine'.


     Satisfied with her appraisal, and maybe the look on my face as I appraised her, she spoke again, “Mortal. You are correct; you gaze upon divinity.”


My poker face broke down in an instant. I was genuinely surprised and even a little alarmed to hear her answer what I was thinking.


     “A simple mortal like you is but an open book to one with such grace, beauty and intelligence that one such as I possess.” Her voice was thick with hubris as she puffed out her chest.


     “I don't see what beauty has to do with it.” I said pointedly. There I went again. Pushed into a corner and lashing out without watching my words.


     I thought I saw her eyebrow twitch a little, but she retained her composure and continued, “Now that you are aware of your predicament. We shall continue.”


     “And did you set this all up while I was out? Was this supposed to be your big grand entrance?”


     She continued, “Now I will decide in my infinite divine wisdom whether-” Oh, now she noticed, and her face contorted in bewilderment and then anger, “W-wha wha what? Of course not! You dare accuse a goddess such as myself of orchestrating entertainment and parlor tricks?”


     “Hey. I didn't say anything about entertainment, but if that's what this is about-”


     “I commanded silence mortal!” She reached for an ornate gold staff—the head of which was shaped like an old fashioned scale—and pointed it at me. “There will be order in my court!”


     “Just tell me what I'm charged with then.”


     “You do not make the commands here, mortal.” Her glower and how she said it as a matter of fact didn't leave me any room to disagree.


There was an awkward silence that lingered and continued for about half a minute. I looked around and saw the mummies weren't budging an inch; it was only the Anubis that was fidgeting. She had crossed one leg over the other and was twirling her paw in the air impatiently.


     “You are accused of trespassing in the tomb of Pharaoh Amenenofru the First, a most serious and grievous offense.”


What the hell was this girl thinking? Did she just arbitrarily decide on how long before I asked and when she decided to continue was long enough that I wasn't 'commanding' her to do anything anymore?


     Once again she pointed the staff toward my face, “How do you plead?”


     I shrugged the best I could and pleaded, “Guilty, I guess?”


     She gave a little chortle, “Of course you would plead not- What?” Her whole body jolted as her train of thought hit the brakes and rolled slowly back to the last station. She pointed at one of the mummies, “He said not guilty, correct?”


The mommy moaned something. Something that didn't sit well on the anubis's face. She raised her other paw and clenched it into a fist and gave the mummy a mean glare which caused it to cower and shrivel away in fear.


     She turned to another mummy, “You! Did the accused plead not guilty?” She demanded to know.


Having learned from the mistake of the other, this one mumbled and moaned something that put a good mood back on the anubis's face. She then asked two more which caused her good mood to return in full.


     “Let it be recorded in the Tome of Law” She held out her free paw and a heavy solid book of gold, more of a binder, with gold slab pages was placed in her waiting paw by an attendant mummy. “Let it be recorded in the Tome of Law that-” She paused again. “Mortal. What is your name?”


     I was just interested in getting this over with so I replied with a sigh but willingly, “Laven.”


     She dictated to herself as she prepared to write, “Let it be recorded in the Tome of Law that the accused known as Laven has pleaded not guilty to the charge of trespassing on the Tomb of the Great Amenenofru the First.”


She had opened the book to about the half way point, but the attendant mummy spoke up with a series of moans and slow methodical hand gestures.


     The anubis grimaced, “I am aware. But-”


The mummy moaned and made the exact same gestures again.


Her face grimaced harder than before. This time though, the anubis reluctantly turned over the pages of the book until it was on the very first page. It was a peculiar display. With a single claw, she began to scrape the soft metal as she no doubt was making a record inside.


     “Is it really such a bad thing that this is the first time you've had to use that book?”


She tweaked out and stopped writing immediately, but not before her claw slipped and scrapped across the surface of the page.


     Her paw was quivering a little, but she still spoke with a calm voice, “The accused will remain quiet until summoned in question period.”


When she looked up at me, her eyes were anything but calm. She was downright furious. Well, it wasn't like my situation could get any worse. I've dug myself a hole so deep, and now I feel too tired to even try climbing back out. I'd just lie there at the bottom and accept that I've been captured once again by monsters. At least this time there isn't any impending- Oh shit!


     “Hold on. Wait. You've got bigger problems than me. I'm being chased. There are people after me trying to kill me.”


     “I said not to speak-” She stopped and gave up on that for now and instead pressed me for more, “Co-conspirators? No honor among thieves? Your allies decide to eliminate you and take you share of the spoils for themselves?”


     “What? No!”


     “So you plead 'not guilty' to the second charge of attempted theft?”


     “No. This isn't the time for-”


     She was already ignoring me and writing in her book, “Let it be recorded in the Book of Law that the accused, Laven, has pleaded not guilty to-” She looked up for a second at me before smiling and going back to writing, “has pleaded 'not guilty' to attempted theft.”


     “They're dangerous. Very dangerous. I've got to get out of here. 'We' have to get out of here-”


     “I will do no such thing mortal.” Her commanding voice was very sincere now. “It is my charge to watch over the tomb of the great Amenenofru the First until the end of time. I serve only the Pharaoh, and now that his body lies here, and his soul is in the land ever after; I will remain here.” I began to notice her face lightened up every time she spoke about this Pharaoh.


     “You feel free to do that. I'll just-”


     She cut me off again, “Impossible.”




     “This tomb is sealed.” She pointed her staff behind me. I strained to turn around and look at a massive archway. There was a massive marble gate blocking it off completely covered with inscriptions and pictogram. There wasn't a single shred of hope that could delude me into thinking that thing was meant to move at all. I felt the color drain from me and a sinking feeling settle in my stomach.


     The anubis cleared her throat again, “Carrying on. You, Laven, claim not guilty to both charges of trespassing and attempted theft. Do you have anything to say in your defense?”


I am shell shocked from seeing no method of escape, so I couldn't mutter a word.


     She recited her lines in a hurry, as if she was impatient, “Let it be recorded in the Tome of Law that the accused, Laven, has no defense for his actions. I will now pass my judgment.”


I shook myself to my senses; but before I could object, she passed her judgment.


     “As the guardian of Amenenofru the First's tomb; and the power invested with me therein, I hereby judge Laven... Guilty! Guilty of both charges!”


The mummies standing at attention all around the tomb mumbled and moaned in unison and applauded. It was as if it was a celebration, and the atmosphere was jubilant. As for myself, I wasn't feeling it. The anubis was lit up. She was very pleased with her self. There was a look of accomplishment on her face. It was punctuated by a very sincere smile of joy. She rose from her throne and slowly walked down the granite steps to where I was being held to kneel. She waved her staff to shoo away the two mummies holding me down. I tried to stand; but with another wave of her wand which glowed and emitted a bright white light, I felt my legs weaken, and I crashed back down on my knees.


     “Laven. I sentence you to eternity here in this tomb as my servant.”


I was glaring at her. There was nothing but frustration and anger behind my gaze. I clenched my fists until my knuckles turned white. I grit my teeth and every fiber of my being was ready to lash out. Not a single gesture, subtle or not, seemed to faze this girl though. She was smiling. It was an arrogant smile. Considering how I was feeling, it was very rude. Despite that, she looked happy. Very happy.


     “Rejoice mortal. I have deemed to spare your life. You are guilty, but I can tell your heart is pure and just. Simply obey my every command, and you will be treated well. To serve such a divine being, such as I, is an honor only a handful of mortals will ever know.”


This wasn't time to be so carefree. I was in danger. This girl and her servants were in danger. An imminent threat was near, an insane, deranged and bloodthirsty one, but there wasn't a shred of respect she held for me that would allow me to speak to her as an equal.


     “Now. For your first duty. My paws are sore, and these girls' hands are so clumsy. I command you to-”


     However, I would not give up so easily, “Listen. There's no time. I'm telling you, there are people after me and they're on my trail.”


     “They are of no concern. I am in control of this tomb and its monument. Every gate and door, every wall, floor and ceiling. Every trap, big and small. I must admit; my servant is amazing to have made it so far and evade every trap and fall into the one pit trap that leads to this tomb. But your former friends will not be so lucky.”


     “Traps? What traps?”


     “The spears, the arrows, the rolling boulder, the- Wait. What exactly are you implying by asking, 'what traps?'”


     “I walked through the halls above for a good twenty minutes and didn't activate a single trap. I didn't see a monument either. This whole place is buried under layers of rock and sand.”


     “No.” She said with her happy expression long gone from her face. “You jest.”


     “There wasn't a single trap on the way here. If there were. They all broke-”


I didn't catch anything even I said after that. The only thing I could hear was a buzzing in my ears. A buzz of sheer power. Then there was an explosion. It came from behind. Hunks of marble in all sizes shot out like shrapnel. I found some strength in my legs to instinctively dive forward. I collided with the anubis girl, caught her off guard and knocked her over. With my hands still tied to the pole behind my neck I was laying down on top of the anubis. My face was buried in her bosom, but I didn't have time to enjoy the feeling or warmth as the sound of marble whizzing over my head like bullets froze my heart solid.


     “Unhand me at once, you brute! You insolent servant!” At least someone here still had some spirit and resolve left. She struggled to push my weight off of her. She certainty didn't have the strength I'd become accustomed to expect from monsters.


     I felt so weak and so low on energy that I could only speak in monotone, “I can't, you sapped my strength.”


She stopped struggling for a moment then her staff shone once more, and I felt my strength return. I immediately sat back up and let her crawl out from under me. She was blushing and fidgeting, and her eyes darted back and forth. Until she looked behind me, and her face went agape with horror. Tears welling up in her eyes.


I turned to look behind me and saw the marble door which had been there but a moment ago had a large hole blown in it. Around the room, mummies were picking themselves up off the ground. Some were no worse for wear; their facial expressions hadn't even changed despite the turn of events. Some were missing limbs, but not a drop of blood was spilled. A couple of them were already repositioning severed limbs and tying their bandages around to reattach them. Many of the artifacts around the room were damaged, a number of them irreversibly so. It was a complete disaster.


It was just large enough now for someone to walk through. And walk through someone did and then a second. A man wearing white robes, a constant squint, and a debased smile on his face. Beside him appeared a woman. White robe over billowing blue robes. Everything about her indicated she was human or at least looked the part. It was a change of pace. However, this girl was bristling with power. I didn't understand it; I couldn't see it, but I could feel it, and it couldn't be anything other than magic power.


It was Zerin and the fifth of his cronies. He scanned the room, laid his eyes on me and showed me that exaggerated and revolting smile.

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