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Chapter 2-7

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From the ink-black darkness, I once more awoke in a fantastical place. My surroundings were the insides of a school; doors and endless rows of lockers stretched out before me. The whole world was painted monochrome, simple black and white and nothing more. I was drawing a blank on how I wound up here, perhaps I had at some point fallen asleep. I felt like I had strayed into a memory, my memory, and I vaguely remember another dream like this days ago. These were rare occasions where scattered remnants of my previous life surfaced from the depths of my subconscious.


The inside of this school was empty; not a soul stirred, and my footsteps echoed eerily. I walked the ghostly hallways, but no matter how far I traveled I reached no destination. No matter how far I went the surroundings remained the same. I pressed forward regardless and was rewarded; the further I walked the less alone I was. Specters started to appear along with the din of countless conversations. These ghost-like silhouettes slowly filled out into solid shapes; they were people, humans, students. There were dozens, hundreds of them. They were young and appeared as though they were high school aged. I couldn't focus on any one conversation to figure out where or when I was; it all mixed together into a chaotic mass of noise that was like static, a white space. I had color when I looked down at myself, so I was the outsider, a ghost in this strange place.


My vision was becoming unfocused, and I was getting dizzy until I laid my eyes on the first shocking sight in this place. Once more I had spotted someone who looked like me. He was younger, his hair was buzz-cut, his frame was lankier and more awkward. Despite the pathetic appearance those eyes and facial features couldn't belong to any one but me. The similarity was far too striking to ignore. I felt like I was looking into an old year book I wished I could close. The kid was all alone and standing outside a classroom door; a math classroom from what the door said, the first door I was able to read without the words melting into chicken scratches.


Without the slightest warning, a specter ran into his shoulder. The ghostly frame fell backwards and onto the floor, spilling the contents of whatever it was carrying. The kid was stunned and didn't even look down right away, but he eventually collected himself.


     “Are you alright?” He said almost with a stutter.


My attention was drawn to the silhouette on the ground who had morphed into a petite girl the moment I had split my attention. With shoulder length black hair which hid part of her face adorned with thick rimmed glasses. She gave off a complex impression. Her clothing was much unlike her face which seemed half hidden; she wasn't wearing the baggy and unflattering clothing I expected from the kind of person who would wear her face the way she did. Her clothes were trendy, tight black jeans and gaudy, colorful and impracticable shoes with a shirt with a wide open neck exposing the collarbone and ever so slightly present cleavage underneath.


Her face looked up at the kid with a mixture of pain and embarrassment. She picked up her things in a frenzy and then abashedly noticed the hand that he had extended to help her up, and she reluctantly took it. The specters surrounding me moved on with their own business and seemed to ignore the scene, much to the relief of the girl. The volume of their conversations had died down as I listened in to these two.


     “Yeah. I'm fine... Thanks.” She said.


She didn't hold onto his hand any longer than she had to, and she brushed herself off quickly. Seeing she was alright the kid's hand reached out to grab hold of the door knob and collided with the girl's. The two of them pulled back their hands in a hurry. Now the two of them were staring at each other wide eyed, but they soon laughed it off nervously at first, but it quickly subsided into one of genuine and mutual relief. The kid opened the door and allowed the girl in who quickly shuffled inside.


There wasn't anything outside in the hallway but ghosts, and the door remained opened so I followed the two inside. I walked though the door and inside was a classroom half full of specters. Alone in the back row of desks were the kid and the girl. They sat in desks next to each other and seemed to be holding some sort of awkward conversation flashing crooked forced smiles.


     “So you were lost and worried you wouldn't make it in time?” The kid was saying with a little laugh. “Well, if you just transferred in after the first term, I wouldn't want to be late either.”


     “Yeah. I was like, not going to be late for the first class. So I was just running and slammed right into you.”


     “You're pretty light. It didn't hurt.” He waited a second before continuing, “What? You thought I was gonna say you were heavy or something?” He finished with a wry smile.


     “What?” She said flushing red, “Stop it.”


They shared a laugh.


     “The name is-” I couldn't catch the last part; it was interrupted by a burst of loud static, even the walls of the classroom flickered with the sound of popping and hissing like on a static television. “-by the way.”


     “I'm Kimmy.” She responded with a warm smile.


A slide-show played out before me. The hair and clothes changed, but the two kids sitting and talking stayed the same. I could hear snippets of conversation like some badly edited playback on a shoddy cassette tape.


     “Really? Never heard of that band before?” He said.


     “I was following them on some online videos ages ago. I knew they were so gonna like go big.” She said cheerfully.


     “If you just bring this over to the right and put this one under that one to divide it, just like the formula says here, these problems are pretty easy.”


     “Easy? Maybe for a smart guy like you. I can't do this kinda stuff.”


     “So why didn't you just tell your friend that?”


     “What? Are you kidding me? She'd have freaked.”


     “Nah. I can't watch shows like that. They're so fake.”


     “That's the point though! Just have some fun.”


     “So your birthday is coming up, isn't it Kim?”


     “What? I never told you that.”


     “You're always reading the horoscopes in those magazines, and you only circle Capricorn. The teacher always organizes students by birth dates for some reason, and you get your marks back after Trevor. That loud mouth wouldn't shut up about getting his license soon, and since there's only a week left till the fourteenth, it's gotta be in the next few weeks.”


     “...You're scary sometimes, you know that?”


     “Scary or too smart for my own good? You should just stick to one insult already.”


There was an awkward silence for a few seconds, but they broke out into laughter again.


     “Yeah. The thirteenth.” She said embarrassed.


     “Oh?” The kid went into thought for a brief moment. “You free the day after?”


She said coquettishly. “Valentines?”


     “I got a surprise for you. No it isn't perverted, so don't even think of giving me that look.”


Kim thought about it for a moment, “Yeah. Sure. Why not, right?”


The walls of the classroom fell backwards into the ground with thunderous crashes. A grey dust storm kicked up in its wake, and the two teenagers and their friendly conversation were blown away along with the silhouettes. I was returned to a familiar scene. It was a room I had seen the child in during the previous dream. It couldn't be anywhere else other than this kid's home. My home. The one that wasn't the apartment; it was where my parents lived. The kid was in a home office, and he pacing about the room with an old cord telephone to his ear.


     “Dad? I know you're busy, but I just need a couple minutes, okay? Yeah I'll make it quick. At the stadium, you sponsor there right?... Yes yes yes, I'm getting to the point. You get promotion tickets right? You got some lying around for something on the Fourteenth? Yeah... Yeah... Yeah... Well I need two of em. Look, I don't ask for much, it's for a band no one you know is going to want to go to anyways. I know they're box seats, but come on! You can at least do this right? How about a ride too? You can arrange that too right-... Come on. You can afford it... Yes, it's for a girl... Thanks Dad.”


The kid hung up the phone and let out a loud sigh with a smile on his face.


The winds and dust roiled and blew the scene away, and I was spirited away back to the hallways of the school. That kid was standing there looking down at two glossy passes on key chain straps in his hand. He was waiting for someone to emerge from a classroom opposite him. How long he was waiting, I didn't know. Finally people started pouring out from the room until the girl named Kimmy also emerged. There were several other specters around her. They were laughing very girlish laughs, and every one of them was a specter. They looked and sounded more like Banshees. More oblivious than I was the kid who saw only Kim and stepped forward.


     “Hey, Kim, you got a minute?”


     “'Kimmy's busy. Aren't you Kim?” Said one of the banshees, lashing out at the kid.


The girl in the middle looked around confused and could only smile and not say anything.


     “Who is this guy anyways?” Said another.


     “I know him. He's like,-” That static again that made the whole world pop and fizzle. “-he's in my math class. Kim is there too.” Said the third.


     “Get lost, loser.” Said the first, apparently their leader. “We're going to lunch and don't follow us, creeper.”


And there stood the kid, paralyzed and confused. He didn't know what had happened. Held behind his back he just slid those passes into his pockets again and stumbled off.


I watched a series of scenes switch from one to the next, and they all had the same theme. The kid tried to find some opening, some excuse, to get close to Kim and talk with her. Each time he was denied. Eventually Kim stopped giving a pained and remorseful look when she was pulled away. It got so bad that even that expression was soon no longer there, and she pulled away on her own. Each time the kid had those passes in his pocket.


One final scene change after a barrage of them, outside the math class the teacher had stayed behind and was talking with someone. It was Kim who was getting an earful from the math teacher. Old tests compared to new ones. I put two and two together. Angry, dejected and humiliated she stormed out of the classroom and ran right into the kid who was blocking her path. She tried to get past him, but the kid stepped in the way and continued to block her.


     “Out of the way.” She said angrily.


     “No. I got something to talk to you about.” He said calmly.


     “I don't need you tutoring me anymore.”


     “This isn't about math. This weekend, you're still free right? It's the day after your birthday.”


Her pissed and annoyed face crumbled as she remembered something. She looked away embarrassed and ashamed.


     “Yeah. You remember. Valentines.” He said noticing the change.


     “Remember what? What about Valentines?”


     “You're not that great a liar. I know all your tells by now.”


     “That's gross, you creep. Stop watching me like that.”


The poker face on the kid cracked for a second as his lips curled upwards for a brief moment.


     “You got your friends now, I know, but I still got a present for you. The same surprise.”


She squirmed uncomfortably.


     “You do?” She said with a soft voice.


     “Yeah. If you're still down for it, I can pick you up at seven.”


     “Pick me up? You don't-”


     “Drive? Don't worry. I got things covered.”


Kim's eyes cast downwards and went into thought. She steeled herself and looked back up.


     “Yeah. I'm still down for that. I still don't have anything else to do.”


The kid breathed a sigh of relief. He stuck his hands in his pockets, but stopped himself. He was almost too excited and ruined the surprise he had been building up.


     “I'll see you then.” He said with a parting smile.


Kim smile and nodded and walked past the kid who let her go. He turned around and watched her go before he walked toward the other end of the hallway with a spring in his step.


The hallway dissolved back into the math classroom, silhouettes of students milling about. The kid was at his desk, working away at an assignment; Kim was in the seat beside him texting on her cell phone. Nothing but the usual chaotic noise of countless babbling conversations, but they unexpectedly gave way.


     “No way, man. They haven't held that party for years.”


     “I heard one kid got parents with private property up in the woods. He said he'd totally hold it there.”


     “You're fucking with me. How the hell does he think he's gonna get away with it?”


     “Whatever man, the Winter Cooler is back on. I wouldn't fucking miss it.”


Dust blew away the classroom to a room to reveal a room where the kid sat on the end of his bed with a cellphone in hand. He was dialing the same number again and again, and each time the other end didn't pick up. A quick gust of wind and dust kept sweeping over the room, and he was sitting somewhere different each time. I watched as a clock on the nightstand jumped from the early afternoon until almost seven o'clock. For the last few minutes the kid didn't move at all. Finally he stirred again, but he dialed a different number.


     “Adam... Yeah it's me. Gregg's son. Yeah... Look... I know you're just about to head out, but you can stay home. Yeah, last minute change of plans... Yeah... Don't worry I'm alright. Yeah... You have a good night too. Bye.”


The kid ended the call and dropped the cell phone onto the floor and fell back onto his bed. On impact the bed exploded into dust, and the whole scene swirled into a mess which settled back down into the math class. Half the students were missing; a few others who showed up had bags under their eyes and looked almost dead. They were obviously hungover. In the seat beside him, there was no Kim.


Dust blew again, and the classroom was once again filled with all the students, but still there wasn't any sign of Kim. Until one last and final girl came shuffling into the classroom. A thousand disembodied eyes from the roiling mass of gray dream-like dust threw their knowing glances her way. The dust swirled and revealed a desk full of junk and graffiti with markers.


Slut. Bitch. Cunt.


Walking down the hallways, the kid was approached by a group of large and burly silhouettes.


     “Hey man. Tell Kimmy something for me, 'Thanks for the new material. Best bust nuts I've ever had. Great stuff.'”


With that the other silhouettes beside him exchanged high fives, hooted and hollered before going on their way. On the bulletin board in front of the school a group of teachers were tearing down a bunch of white sheets of paper with only a single string of letters and numbers on it. A URL address. One of the sheets escaped unnoticed from the teacher's trash pile before the kid's feet. He picked it up and hastily, on instinct, shoved it into his pocket when a teacher turned around to see he was watching them. They shooed him away, and he left the school like all the other students around him.


Sitting at a computer late that night and spinning in a chair, the kid came to a stop every so often and looked at the crumpled piece of paper. He was obviously tormented, but curiosity eventually got the better of him. He slowly punched in the keys for the long and encrypted looking URL. It led only to an embedded video file on a white backdrop with nothing else. What played there drew the kid in and wouldn't let him pull away. I was watching with him, but I felt disconnected. I was able to look away when it got to be too much for me.


Deep in the woods with snow on the ground, the orange of a flame casting light on an otherwise dark night, amid the loud music and cheering and hollering was a disheveled girl barely conscious. Surrounded by a bunch of larger men; men who were not silhouettes this time. Their flies open; their dicks out and hard surrounding the girl. Forcing a deep kiss there, one after the other received. Rubbing their members on the skin of the girl who had been mostly stripped of the clothes she was still wearing. A blowjob not once, but many times, no protest from the girl. Finally insertion and messy climax, one after the other in succession for minutes on end. The video went on for about thirty minutes if the bottom progress bar was to be believed.


Even the kid couldn't watch the whole thing. He eventually snapped out of it, and closed the page. His shaking hand went over to the history and cleared it; he tore apart the piece of paper into dozens of pieces and rushed to throw it into the toilet and flushed it. I couldn't see from where I watched what his face was like, but he didn't make a single sound during the whole affair.


The bathroom melted and reformed back into the school. The kid was striding down the hallway, and I was walking behind him, and I could hardly keep up as he weaved through the crowds. Luckily I could pass through it like smoke. He kept walking until the density of the other students thinned out. Eventually he was the only one other than me who was following him. Behind a stairwell in some forgotten and abandoned area of the school.


     “What do you want?” He said to someone.


He held out his cellphone with a text message still on screen. Coming out from behind the stairs was Kim. Her face was dark and downcast, and her eyes were red.


     “I wanted to talk,” She said.


     “I got something to get out of the way first,” The kid snipped in.


He reached into his pocket and pulled out a glossy card on a key-chain strap and tossed it into the air toward the girl. She nearly didn't catch it, but she managed despite how flustered and scattered she was. She inspected it, read it and looked up with a pained look in her eyes. I followed her gaze back to the kid who was holding up the second pass. He took it in both hands and tore it in half and then quarters and so on until there was nothing left but confetti. He tossed the pieces into the air and let them flutter down onto the ground, and they were blown away by the wind around her feet. Kim merely watched in bewilderment and didn't say a word.


The kid turned around and started to walk away without a word, but Kim threw herself forward and grabbed onto his arm.


     “Wait! I'm sor- Eek!”


The kid violently threw off her arm and sent her down to the floor. She looked back up at him with wide eyes and probably wished she hadn't. It was painful and chilling for even me to look at. The kid's face was twisted, so very angry and filled with malice. He was looking down at something that disgusted him.


     “Get lost. You fucking filthy slut.” He said coldly and callously.


Kim, or so who I thought it was, had reverted back into a silhouette like all the others as she was still on her knees. The walls and ceiling dissolved away, and the black darkness crept back in. The last thing to dissolve was the silhouette on the ground which did so slowly, painfully slowly.


The darkness did not remain for long. Another colored world that almost stung my eyes after so much black and white came into view like someone had started to undim the lights. It was a club, music was blaring, lights were flashing and bodies were moving all about and squirming on the dance floor. At a counter and seated on a stool was a young man. His face was exactly like mine. It couldn't be anyone else other than me. This wasn't years ago; this could have been months, weeks if not days before I ended up on this strange world. I watched myself down a shot of clear liquid. There were another four shot glasses lined up beside it, but I didn't seem worse for wear perched on that stool.


From behind a hand wrapped around my shoulder, it belonged to a flushed red man who was acting friendly. Sickeningly friendly. It looked like it was the guy on the couch from the other dream.


     “Hey man! You have fun over here?”


     “Loads of fun.” I said to him sarcastically. “I could have done this cheaper in my room, and it wouldn't smell like bad perfume and cologne, and my ears wouldn't hurt.”


     “That's because you gotta let loose, man! Live a little! Hey. Hey! I was talking with a girl over there,” He didn't point anywhere in particular. “She seemed like a nice girl. How about you talk to her? Maybe you'll hit it off?”


I watched myself sigh and turn around in the bar stool, “I was watching. You were talking to her outside the door to the men's washroom.”


     “Yeah? And?”


     “The last time I saw you pick up girls from outside the men's washroom like that for me; I watched her walk out of it before you talked to her, and her breath smelled like fresh mint mouthwash.”


     “I don't see the problem. That girl was sick and freaky. If you asked her, a guy looking like you, she totally would have-”


     “Forget it. I'm going home. I've had enough.”


From behind the man who I suspected was my 'friend' a girl appeared; she looked exactly like the girl who was sitting beside this guy from my other dream.


     “You're such a loser-” A burst of static again, “-you're never gonna get laid.” She said maliciously.


     “Shut your cunt, slut.”


Her reaction was instantaneous, even if she had a hard time lunging with those heels on.


     “What did you just say to me?”


Her boyfriend held her back as she seemed ready to swing her purse at me as soon as I strayed into range.


     “You're lucky nice guys like your boyfriend are around. I'd never touch festering used goods like you. I'd sooner stay a loser for the rest of my life than help encourage girls to behave like you.”


     “Shut the fuck up you virgin piece of shit!”


She really did look ready to kill me if she could, but her boyfriend easily kept her held back. He really was a nice guy, or he was too drunk to care about how I was insulting not only him but his girl.


     “Come on, he's just kidding. Don't let him get you so worked up. He's just playing.”


Maybe I wasn't. I didn't look it, but maybe those shots had gone to my head, and I was speaking my mind. In the confusion and argument between the two as he tried to calm his girlfriend down I watched as I slipped off the bar stool, slapped a tip on the counter for the bartender and walked away. I followed myself out into the street where the guy caught up and struggled to keep the pace with myself walking.


     “I'm sorry man. She's a nice girl. It's just you know how to press her buttons, and I'll admit she doesn't have the best sense of humor-”


I stopped and faced him, “Maybe I wasn't kidding?”


     “Why would anyone actually think like that?” He said genuinely confused.


     “I wonder.” I said to him. “I don't like loose women. Simple as that.”


     “I don't get what your problem is-. Hey! Come on man, come ba-”


I watched myself walk and disappear down the street into the cold night.


That darkness of the night spread suddenly, and it snuffed out the city lights and the faces illuminated by those lights around my ghostly self. My world, the memory of it, faded away, and the darkness gave way to another light that crept up from the bottom of my vision until I was looking up at a night sky. I felt my back resting on a blanket riding soft sand. I had been suddenly pulled from my sleep, and I felt two weights against my arms as they were being tugged in opposite directions. They were both warm feelings, both soft, but one fuzzy and the other scaly.


     “Get your paws off him. I'm keeping him warm tonight.”


     “Warm? Hardly. You're chaffing the Pharaoh's delicate pale and royal skin with your unsightly scales.”


     “It's cold out. I can warm him up the best. Just like I do every night.”


Wait. Every night?


     “E-every n-night? How uncouth! I was correct in presuming you would cause nothing but mischief. I knew it was unwise to keep my eyes off you. Get your claws off the Pharaoh. My Pharaoh!”


     “He is not yours. He is my husband! Get your own! He was mine first!”


     “Our meeting was predetermined by divine providence. Cease your stubborn selfishness.”


     “Our meeting was destiny. Get lost you homewrecker!”


This scene reminded me of what had happened earlier that day. I see nothing had changed at all, and as soon as I was asleep those two were at it again. I had nearly forgotten what I was dreaming about just now, something about school. Anyways, it wasn't as important as getting these two to stop fighting before it turned physical and claws, swords, magic and curses were tossed around.


     “I'm awake now you two.” I said.


The two stopped fighting immediately. Their faces were hovering above my own as their arms were wrapped around my arms, which were squished between their cleavage. I could almost spot the sparks flying off as their gazes were locked with each other, and their teeth flared as they growled at each other. But they both had wide-eyed looks that said, “I've done it now.”


     “Didn't we agree we had to be well rested and get out of the desert in the next three days?”


     “Susan started it.” Rose brazenly said.


     “I certainly did not! And cease referring to me by that vulgar moniker. I will not have my dignified and noble name besmirched by your crass mannerisms.”


     “You did so. I was sleeping and then you hit me.”


     “Because you were accosting the Pharaoh in his slumber.”


     “You too.”


     “I will not surrender the Pharaoh to your licentious wiles.”


     “You wanna fight about it?”


     “Only if you wish humiliation upon yourself.”


     “No fighting.” I said interrupting them. “I told you no fighting.”


They both sounded off in stereo, “Why not?”


     “I owe a lot to you both. Everything I got. I know I also need your help, so I can't turn away either of you. Right now I just need to get home or find a way to talk those who are wondering where the hell I am. I got to at least say I'm alright. You can settle it after that... Just not here. Please? Can you do that?”


The two of them protested without saying anything. Instead, they went back to bickering back and forth between themselves.


     “I have his sword arm.” Rose declared boasting clenching her grip and squeezing my right arm between her breasts even tighter.


     “I can hear his heart beating.” Susan retorted and blissfully rested one of her fuzzy ears my chest.


I wasn't sure if this was going to stop anytime soon. As long as I was between the two of them I was confident it wouldn't get out of hand. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep with the two girls wrapped around my arms, pulling, tugging, squirming and fighting. I was so tired, but I somehow managed.

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