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Rose's Dream

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It was night, and all was well. Under a canopy of pine, deep in the forest, there safely laid a man and woman. Despite some abnormal features, this was indeed a woman; one who was radiantly beautiful. She had claws of red scales with sharp talons, reptilian eyes of brilliant amber, crowned with scaly red fins for ears and a crocodile's tail ridged with living fire. All these appearances would betray who this girl was. Smooth and flawless skin of slight bronze, long fiery red hair and slender feminine curves hiding deceptive muscle beneath. She was a salamander, both monster and human girl. Her name was Rose like the color of her hair. She was sleeping soundly beside a man; a man who could not sleep. If you asked who he was, she would declare, "My husband and the love of my life" she'd say so sharing a smile so bright. If you asked him afterwards, "Who was she?" he would look away embarrassed and avoid giving an answer.


The man was named Laven. It was a pet name that Rose bestowed upon him, all because of a certain flower's fragrance she smelled upon him so strongly when they first met. The man did not have a real name nor a home. He was lost, worried and confused. It was love at first sight for her but not for him, not right away. That was a statement he would always attempt, in a fluster, to deny. The man named Laven watched the girl sleep; the face she wore was so different from the norm. It was quiet and serene. A face that was usually twisted in a smile from enjoyment of love and life or, more likely, the joy of battle. Battle was what this girl loved above all else, second to Laven that is. Countless tales of daring and bravery she could regale, all of them the stuff of legends. A legend she was, in the making at least. She was The Thorn Knight, as crimson and beautiful as a Rose, but with deadly thorns no one could handle. How did such a girl fall so hopelessly in love with a man like Laven? No one could explain.


     In the moonlight he watched her laying there; he pondered aloud, "Just what does a girl like Rose dream of? A girl like her, she must be fighting even in her dreams."



Bells were ringing clearly, just as clear as the afternoon with blue skies above. There were countless bells, all of them church bells. They rang out from the tower which stood tall over the old quaint building surrounded by forest and farmland. White doves soared through the air and circled around in majestic flocks that danced through the sky. Beyond the old oaken doors at the end of a long red carpet between wooden pews was a man. He stood there in his fancy dress suit and a bulb of lavender sticking out from his chest pocket. It was the man Laven. Beside him stood a woman, one dressed in an odd nun's habit. It was tailored suggestively to expose both her ample cleavage and thighs. She had ghostly white hair, purple eyes and elven-like ears which drooped on each side of her head. A black tail flicked back and forth playfully behind her with a mind of its own. It was crowned at the tip with a devil's spade, and all of it wound up in chains that rattled as it swayed. She clung to a large brown tome; some religious text she held closely to her heart. The man standing beside her barely gave this lascivious and beautiful priestess any notice. His eyes were fixed on the far doors, the entrance to the church.


At a pipe organ, another priestess waited. Suddenly her fingers went to work on the keys and played a familiar tune. The church doors swung open, and a girl appeared. Veiled in and wearing a long pure white dress. She slowly and deliberately strode forward with the music, her long fair hair swaying to and fro. Poking out from the hem of her dress were red claw-like feet. Her hands, also red claws, tightly grasped a bouquet of red and purple flowers which she clutched tightly to her chest. The man watched her, and he was speechless with his jaw dropped in awe. Laven watched the girl approach. The girl continued with graceful steps up the short stairs to the stand before the priestess opposite of Laven. He offered his hand and took her claw in his.


     The priestess spoke; her voice nearly shaking with barely contained lust, "Laven, will you have this woman to be your wedded wife, to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, and forsaking all others, keep you only unto her, for so long as you both shall live?"


     Laven answered quickly and definitively, "I do."


    "Rose, will you have this man to be your wedded husband, to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, and forsaking all others, keep you only unto him, so long as you both shall live?"


     The bride answered just as quickly and definitively, "I do."


     The priestess continued, "Take hands and repeat after me..."


     The two did so, and in perfect unison they exchanged vows, "I take you, to be my wedded spouse, to have and to hold, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, to love and to cherish, from this day forward."


From his breast pocket, Laven produced a brilliant golden ring and slipped it over the talon and onto the claw of the salamander.


     "With this ring, I wed thee." Laven said to the blushing bride.


The priestess squirmed on the spot; between her legs it was becoming wet, and it took all her strength to remain standing and focus on her duty. The other priestess who had long finished playing the pipe organ was not so diligent. With one leg balanced on the bench before the organ she was busy pleasuring herself. The ceremony and mood was too much for her to bear any longer. Her moans did not abate the ceremonies happening nearby as the other priestess continued.


     "Let these rings be given and received as a token of your affection, sincerity and fidelity to one another." The priestess said. " In sight of myself and our Lady Lilith, we see these two in wedlock, and we have witnessed their vows to each other. By the authority vested in me by the Demon Lord, if there are none to voice their objection to this union, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may both kiss to seal the vows."


Laven reached out with nearly trembling hands and pulled away the veil to reveal the flushed and smiling Rose. Tears welled up in her eyes. She was so short that he needed to bend down to meet his lips with hers. She pushed up on her clawed feet to reach his face on her own. Their faces did not meet though, and the kiss was not done. A man appeared bursting through the large oaken doors and into church. He flew a banner and was clad in armor and raised a sword high into the air.


     "I protest this union!" He bellowed. "We all protest this union!"


The man cast his other hand forward in a sweeping command. From the rooftops dozens of men, ninja, with curved swords and throwing stars landed all around the bride and groom. From the wall there was a mighty crash and explosion. Stone was thrown everywhere, and from the hole made in the church a small army of ornery pirates armed to the teeth poured in. From behind the man at the entrance, heavily armored knights rushed forward with their panoply of war. Smashing through the windows along the other undamaged wall, dressed in furs and wielding large wooden shields and axes with helmets crowned with horns, another small army of men swept into the small church. Soon the bride and groom were surrounded by a cosmopolitan army of burly, savage and well armed men. The priestesses had long escaped, but bride and groom's own escape was cut off. The number of warriors surrounding them seemed endless as even more waited outside for a chance to pour in. Neither the bride or the groom budged. Their expressions did not change either. They watched as the men approached with weapons waiting, waiting to dip them in flesh and blood. There was blood lust in their eyes.


Rose, the salamander, grabbed hold of her veil, tore it off and threw it to the ground. The encroaching force flinched, drew back and watched. Taking hold of the long skirt of her white wedding dress, she tore it along her right leg so that she could move freely. Without another word she grinned eagerly and maliciously and threw herself into the armed men with her talons ready. The clamor of battle echoed throughout the church as the salamander slashed with her long talons and drew blood which stained her dress. Men screamed in pain and horror, but were replaced by a howling flood of men ready to take their place and charge. With fists clenched, she threw blow after blow that felled man after man as they rushed up the stairs to met her in battle. With leg and claw she sent men flying in all directions.


Still standing stoically where he was before, Laven waited as the other half of the armed men surrounded him. They closed in on all sides and were ready to lunge with dozens of sharp iron points and edges. When they approached too close, Laven suddenly jerked both his hands to his coat. The sudden movement caused the crowd to leap back. They too waited and watched to see what move the groom was going to take before they rushed in. Laven curled his fingers, grabbed hold of the fabric and with one movement tore off his coat and undershirt with a mighty rip. Hidden somehow beneath was a mountain of muscles. Looking oiled and ready, Laven showed off his preposterous pectorals, amazing ripped abs and frighteningly muscled arms. He stood tall and observed the men surrounding him, looking very much like a certain famous barbarian. One man rushed in screaming and was met with a fist that cracked her face and sent him flying back into the men behind them, bowling them over like pins. Taking the initiative, Laven leaped forward, fists swinging. The crowd of men around him panicked and tried to push in, but the flurry of blows, with those muscles behind them, knocked aside the men like paper in the wind.


Warrior after warrior rushed forward and were thrown aside as if they were trash; the two fought until they were back to back, throwing kick and punch over one another shoulders to knock back and blow away their adversaries. Minute after minute passed; the two did not yield even when they found themselves standing atop of pile of broken bodies. Even then the advance of warriors of all types did not stop. They all climbed up the mountain of their comrades to reach the two who sent them plummeting back down to the bottom in droves. The battle waged for so long and so many men were throwing their lives away that the small church soon became too packed with strewn bodies everywhere. Even then their advance did not cease. Surrounded and panting heavily with grins on their faces, the bride and groom exchanged glances and smiles.


Laven held a hand and fingers to his mouth and let out a shrill whistle between his lips. So loud was the noise that the first row of warriors surrounding them fell to the ground in pain clutching their ears. Not a moment later, from behind the alter, a white stallion crashed through the stained glass. Unsuspecting men caught in its path were trampled and tossed to the side as the mighty horse kept galloping at full speed unabated. Laven caught hold of the horse's neck and swung himself up onto the beast's back. From a standing start, Rose leaped up and landed seated in front of Laven, resting her back against Laven's muscular chest. Laven grabbed hold of the stallion's mane; using it as reigns he spurred the horse onward. There wasn't a thing the men could do to stop them; they dove out of the way to avoid being crushed underneath.


All manner of warriors at the large oaken doors hurriedly tried to close the massive doors to block the path of the escaping bride and groom. With unnatural speed the white stallion squeezed through the smallest of gaps before the door was finally closed. The bride and groom looked at each other. Rose gave out a very twisted smile of unadulterated excitement. Laven smiled in return. Inside the church the men were organizing to give chase when one of them spotted a rogue flame burning on the ground on the isle between the pews. It was but a small flame, but it wasn't for long. Rose's tail snapped suddenly like a whip and cracked the air. Behind the escaping two, the church erupted into a mighty fireball. A massive shock wave pummeled the area like hundreds of pounds of dynamite had just detonated. Stone and wood were thrown into the air, and all around it rained down on the pleasant fields and forest around the church. The clear blue sky day was soon marred with black smoke and red haze.


Still galloping toward the horizon amidst the flaming wreckage landing all around them, the bride and groom looked at one another once more.


     "We still need to seal the deal." Laven said in a deep manly voice.


     Rose nodded, "Yes we do, husband."


Riding the white stallion into the red hazed horizon, the bride and groom exchanged a long and passionate kiss.



Laven watched the eyebrows of the salamander girl twitch, and a smile spread across her face. She laughed quietly in her sleep as a trail of drool poured from the corner of her mouth and pooled on the ground beneath her.


     "Probably just a dream about fighting." Laven said to himself


He turned over to rest his head upon the ground and drift off into sleep himself.

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