Chapter 32

The three of us bravely took our first steps through the open doorway, the wooden door long since torn off or rotted away. Inside, it was dark, dusty, and it looked like the world's worst tenant had been renting the place for years. No one bothered to fix anything or even clean. Beyond the dark there was a faint light up some stone stairs. Like moths to a flame three of us followed the light to its source. Inside a room on the second floor was a jarring scene. It was a room unlike the others. It was clean, the furniture well kept and intact. The walls were painted red, waxed hardwood floors, luxurious rugs, the smell of fresh flowers and potpourri floated within the walls, and situated right in the middle of the room was a large canopy bed with fresh red silken sheets. Scattered around the room were dozens of small candles and each one looked freshly lit. There was something wrong. Something very wrong.


I approached the bed and felt the curtains with my hands. It felt real. My hand didn't pass through anything. I could pull on it, and it even held my weight when I leaned back. It had mass, so it certainly wasn't an illusion, but this place stuck out like a sore thumb. The rest of the town was a ruin. It was as if an apocalypse had happened, and everyone was living in the fallout. A very licentious apocalypse but an apocalypse nonetheless.


     “Laven.” Rose called out behind me.


I didn't pay attention the first time. I barely heard her, barely noticed her too. My head was still reeling from trying to run every possibility through my head.


     “Laven~” Rose called out again.


     “R-rose, wait!” I heard Susan cry out, “What do you think you are-”


I turned around to see Rose already in a state of undress. Her bikini top had already fallen to the floor; her claws were untying the strings holding her armored half skirt to her waist which clattered and clanked as it hit the ground. Finally, she bent over; with her thumbs wrapped around the strings of her underwear, she pulled down her bikini bottom to her ankles. At the entrance to the room, completely naked, she straightened her back; ample breasts bouncing up and down. Slowly, she slipped one leg out from the pile of clothes huddled around the talons of her feet, and then she slipped the other out. She walked toward me, slowly, seductively.


I glanced at Susan; who had been standing beside her and watching the whole time. She shot me back a face that probably mirrored my own. 'What the hell is going on', her face screamed. I looked back and saw Rose had closed the gap between me and her rather quickly. With her index finger, she traced her talon over the leather jerkin covering my chest. A warm smile on her face. I could feel the heat pouring off her; it was an overpowering heat that blasted away the miasma lingering in the air surrounding us since we entered this place. This was a heat I remember well. It was different from the heat of battle... Now I knew what was going on.


     “Rose, hold-” I tried saying but...


     “Laven~” Rose cooed. She looked up and locked her eyes with mine. Her amber eyes were glistening. “Laven...” She repeated while wrapping her claws around my neck and pressing herself up against me.


     “Rose. Don't do this. Not now. This is a trap, you need to-”


     “Laven. I'm not so good with words.” Rose said interrupting me, pressing a talon up against my lips. “I just wanna say... I want you to know... I love you. So much.”


The talon pressed up against my lip slid down and reached for the buttons holding my leather jerkin together; and with a quick slice with the edge of her talon, she cut them off; and with her claws on my shoulder, she rolled it off my chest. Unable to contain herself and unable to stop her myself, she tore my shirt off with one quick movement. That ripping sound of fabric shook me awake from a daze, and I frantically looked over Rose's head at Susan still quivering at the entrance to the room.


     “Susan!” I called out, “Help!”


There wasn't any help on its way. Susan was a deer caught in headlights. She was flushed, quivering; her eyes darted every which way. Her body was frozen; her mind going a mile a minute trying to process everything she was seeing. She definitely was weak against this kind of thing. I wasn't any better. I wasn't able to put up any kind of resistance when Rose walked forward, pushing me along with her until I fell back onto the bed, and she crawled on top of me, straddling my waist. Untying the ribbon in her crimson hair and tossing it away, she leaned over; her face hovering just above my own. Her hair, now long and wild, tickled my face.


     “Before you came along. I... I...” Rose said, every word and breath brushing up against my face. The scent of burning pine, a wash of pheromones, thick as fog flowed into me, “Every day was fun, but something was missing. The fun never stayed long. Since I met you... Every day has been. Every moment has been...”


I'm not sure what was going through her head; she kept talking as her face got closer and closer until she silenced herself by pressing her lips up against mine. It was as if there was a disconnect between her body and mind, but all inhibitions in both had been cut loose. As soon as her lips touched against mine, she suddenly turned into a different beast all together. Her tongue slipped loose, and she forcefully slipped it between my lips and pursued my own tongue with her own. It was very much like her; it was like an attack, and every movement spurred her on. She shifted her weight on top of me and ground herself on top of me, pinning me to the bed.


Her long tongue played and danced around my own, and her heavy and hot breaths through her nose tickled me with every pant. Every moment the heat from her body poured into myself, and the familiar intoxicating side effect was building up. The voice of reason—warning me that this was all very dangerous right now—was getting quieter, pushed further and further into oblivion as Rose's heat blasted all the doubts away. That might also be because I was having a hard time breathing. Rose's longer than average tongue explored, attacked and pillaged every corner of my mouth and even near the back of my throat. I had a hard time just breathing through my nose every time she dug deep and greedily.


I felt the strength to resist fade away from my arms, and they were about to rise on their own to wrap around Rose, but a shrill and sobering shriek echoed throughout the room.


     “Cease and desist at once! Where exactly do you think we currently are? Do you not remember the warnings and lives put on the line for our sakes?” Susan shouted and lectured the two of us.


Rose pulled back, and I joined her in breathing heavily. She then sat back up and turned to face Susan at the door.


     “Back off.” She hissed. “I'm not good with words. So I'm gonna tell my husband just how much I love him with everything else I got.”


     “That's not what I-”


     “You want him? Stop talking. Fight me.”


     Susan's eyes went wide and then narrowed into a menacing scowl, “A fight is what you desire? You persist on doing this because you claim love for that Pharaoh...”


Susan's face twisted into a frown. She cast her eyes downward at her paw which she held to her chest, feeling the heart beats.


     “If it is a fight you desire, then it is a fight you shall receive. My duty. My loyalty, feelings and... and my...”


Susan was stumbling with her words, and she clenched the paw over her heart into a fist. She looked up with a look of renewed determination, a look shrouded behind a flush red on her cheeks. Aw shit... No...


     “Susan, don't do-” I tried to stop her, but that was futile as the words got caught in my throat.


Susan lifted the golden tiara off her head. It was very slow, methodical, and the way she was almost trembling with embarrassment made it oddly erotic. She held it in front of her, then let it drop to the floor in front of her. On the hardwood it let out a loud metallic clang. One by one, the gold ornaments in her long black hair fell onto a pile on the floor in front of her. She removed the ornate Egyptian collar around her neck and let that fall onto the pile in front of her. All the ornaments of wealth and status she carried with her, she shed them off one after another. Eventually, she stood at the doorway illuminated by the candlelight in just her tube top, underwear and loose pant leggings.


She was visibly trembling now, and it wasn't because of the cold. Her tanned skin was flushing red around her face, yet she continued; she wouldn't be stopped now. Rose and I could only watch, each of us captivated. Even in the tomb... She hadn't gone this far. It had been dark, a faint light made her barely visible in that small crevice we cowered in. Now she was fully visible, and she was taking off her armor, both the seen and unseen. Her paws slowly untied the pant leggings from her panties, and the dark blue satin rustled and fell to the floor around her ankles. Firmly grabbing hold of her tube top, she pulled it off in one quick pull, but held her arms over her breasts until she slowly returned her arms to her side; her firm sizable breasts falling gently back into place. With her next ounce of courage she untied her underwear; the knot now revealed with her pant leggings gone. With her other paw she quickly pulled it off, but her bushy black tail stuck  between her legs covered herself on instinct.


Her perky jackal ears, sitting on the top of her head, pressed down as she squirmed further in embarrassment. Eventually she steeled herself and let herself relax, and her tail pulled away, and in the candlelight Susan stood tall, rigid and squirming in embarrassment. Naked. It seemed like a herculean task for her to do; Rose and I were still stunned. That meant neither of us did a thing as she walked across the floor. Her tanned skin completely revealed. Small, soft and orange-pinkish nipples crowning her breasts, and womanhood exposed between her legs as she marched toward the bed. Rose had let go some time ago, so when I pulled back on instinct I kept going until the back of my skull hit the headboard.


Grasping onto the sheets with her paws, Susan pulled herself onto the bed and started crawling on all fours towards Rose and me. Rose, not to be outdone, tried to lock her knees on each side of me. But together, they met nearly cheek to cheek and took up half of the bed beside me as they approached. Without anywhere to go, I was trapped. Susan reached me first, and her paws grabbed hold of me as she pulled herself on top of me. Rose's came next, and her claws greedily slid across the rest of my body, caressing and massaging me all over. This time Susan came swooping in, her slight height advantage bringing her face right up to mine.


     “Pharaoh...” She sighed.


This time was a vastly different experience. A different cloud of pheromones, I sensed the thick scent of cumin and cinnamon as Susan brought herself closer and most strongly when her lips pressed up against my own. Except this time, I felt something wet and slimy; a dainty but rough tongue slipped through and softly, gently caressed my own. Once was all it took, the next moment the restraints were off, and she pressed into me hard as if a flip had been switched. She attacked aggressively and passionately.


It wasn't anywhere near as aggressive as Rose; I could still breathe, but while it didn't have the same wild unrestrained passion, it was reserved, gentle and compassionate. While Susan and I made out, I felt Rose's claws caress my chest, and I felt her tongue slide across my skin and around my nipple. She slowly worked her way up to my collar bone, up my neck, to my ear and then inched Susan out of the way who pulled back after relentlessly kissing me. Rose pressed back in and aggressively surged forward and back to what she left unfinished before.


I felt a furry paw caress the side of my head, the claws comb through my hair and her soft breath tickle my ear.


     “Laven.” Susan whispered softly. “I... Too...”


My attention was being ripped forward and back, side to side, so I could hardly grasp everything that was going on, but I definitely heard her loud and clear when she finally said it.


     “I love you. You're mine, and I'm yours. This will never change. Come gods or men. It shall always be so, no matter where or when.”


Rose pulled away from the embrace. With a soft smile on her face she crawled back down on the bed toward my feet where she tugged the boots off my feet; my pants following afterwards. She didn't even bother to unbuckle my belt, so it actually hurt a little when she yanked them off. Something was definitely wrong. She wasn't thinking straight. Even Rose would normally have better judgement than that, but I was too busy just trying to catch my breath when Susan pushed my head down onto the pillow and straddled my chest. Sitting bare naked and holding me in place, she daintily pulled the gloves from my hands, laid them aside and held my hand against her left breast. I could hear her heartbeat, and it was out of control. Her bushy black tail wagged back and forth, slapping the covers of the bed left and right.


     “Outta the way.” I heard Rose shout as she pushed Susan from behind, and she slid forward along my chest until she stopped at my face.


Susan let out a cute little shriek. I would have groaned in pain at the sudden impact, but I was smothered as her bare nether regions were thrust into my face. From my lips to my nostrils was pressed up into folds of wet and very warm skin. I was stricken by the sudden feeling of drowning, and when I tried to breath I heard another canine like yelp and a pair of paws grab the sides of my head.


     “N-no, don't. Do not move. Cease your breathing. Ah! Pharaoh, no~”


She was asking a lot. I was completely overrun and overwhelmed. I did my best to keep myself under control, but the sensation and scent now wafting directly into my sinus was too much. The levee had burst, and a torrent of blood surged into my member until it felt like it was ready to explode. On cue, the next attack came from down below, a light prod against my dick and a playful snicker. A familiar, mischievous giggle followed by a loud exaggerated 'om', and I felt an incredible heat and soft wetness wrap itself around my penis.


     I spoke heavily muffled, “Whoa, Rose, don-”


     “Please, no, Pharaoh! No more, I beg you!” Susan shouted doubling her paws' vice like grip on my head as she leaned over panting and heaving.


Either Rose did not hear me, or she did not care because after teasing and holding still for just a moment, I felt her tongue coil around my shaft and glans inside her mouth. The tips of her razor teeth, sheathed only by the skin of her lips, playfully scrapped and stimulated the sensitive skin as she lifted her head up and dropped back down in sync with the movements of her tongue. My arms, previously frozen-in-shock, came to life as another jolt came from my hips and tried to come to my rescue. I say try because they instinctively went to remove the weight blocking my breath; but instead of pushing Susan away, my hands met with her labia and parted them. I think they might actually be traitors when I think about it.


Susan cried out and moaned in ecstasy over and over again as I tried to breathe. Each time I moved and struggled for breath I only ended up stimulating her more. Eventually, she stopped protesting and started calling out my name over and over again. Not king or Pharaoh but, “Laven. Laven~ Laven!” Each passing moment the wash of pheromones and womanly scent was eating away at my mind and consciousness. Every movement I endured Rose's mouth and tongue was like a battering ram at the fortress of my reason. I'm sure she'd appreciate the metaphor; this seemed to be some big battle between the two of them. I was not only the battlefield; I was the spoils of war, and Rose was proving to be quite the capable general.


My mind was a mess and unable to rally or retrain itself. I felt like I was reaching critical mass, and I wouldn't last much longer. Susan sounded as though she was doing no better; her breaths became shorter by the moment. As if my movements while trying to avoid suffocating were not enough, Susan's hips began to grind against my face, and she pushed herself against me even harder and faster than before. All at once with one last thrust Susan bayed like a wolf, threw her head back and gave out one last scream; a voice filled with ecstasy as she hit orgasm. Rose's movements picked up in pace as my dick throbbed and twitched in her mouth, and my balls pulsated and pulled back in anticipation. With Susan's orgasm a flood of juices flowed out, and the raw scent, the scream, the stimulation down below was too much, and I exploded violently into Rose's mouth.


Rose did not release me right away; with every throb she pulled back and surged forward, milking me of everything she could. When my hips could no longer shake, and I couldn't be squeezed of another drop, she pulled back, sat up with a dribble of white leaking from her mouth, scooped the drool back into her mouth and swallowed in one gulp. Her eyes closed, her smile spread and her face glowed. Not just figuratively, the flame on her tail looked liked someone had just dowsed it with lighter fluid because it erupted.


There was finally a short lull, Susan had collapsed and picked herself up, removing herself from my face so I could gasp in long breaths of air. With how thick the smell of sex and the two of them was in the air... it wasn't much clearer. Until Susan shifted her weight and turned around, showing me her back side. Falling on top of me, her privates slid to my face; her tail wagging back and forth. My dick was still recovering when the feeling of the soft downy fur between her paws wrapped around me and held on tight. There was another lull as no one moved, and I was at a loss to what was going on.


     “What is the meaning of this...” I heard Susan say disappointed.


     “Ha!” Rose laughed. “One nothing for me. Your loss. Little Laven's all tuckered out for now.”


     “I am most certainly not done teaching you a lesson yet, Rose.”


My short respite was then interrupted by an eerie red glow. I couldn't see anything with Susan's butt in my face, but the glow reaching the walls and corner of the room was warning enough.


     “Susan, don't you dare- you're supposed to be the level headed-”


Wham. All at once from the tip of my glans down to my spine and spreading throughout my body, each and every one of my nerves awoke. For every nerve in my genitals, two- no three stood beside them. It was The Curse of the Mummy all over again. Tie the body, mind and spirit together by force. It's side effect? Increased sensation to stimuli. In this twisted and lewd world, that meant increased sensitivity an unnaturally, maybe unhealthy, extra dose of it. My recovery period was reduced to nothing, and the velvet fur alone was enough to recall all the blood back to my member which stood ready and at attention. I think I heard Rose click her tongue, a minor defeat. Susan herself whimpered slightly, still hesitant and embarrassed even after coming so far.


There would be no breaks on this ride though. I felt the dainty and hesitant wet sensation of a tongue lick the tip of my glans; a sensation that rebounded off every corner of my being. My hips seized up, and my body was thrown slightly upwards, only held down my Susan's weight on top of me. A yelp of surprise at the reaction but ultimately satisfied with the result, Susan continued and licked again and again. After every bounce she was a little bolder. Each time she dragged her tongue along my penis a little farther and faster. Each time it felt no less pleasurable than the last. I felt the soft and wet sensation of a cheek as it rubbed against the side of my shaft and a tongue coil up and press against the tip, and then the tip plunged toward her throat. Susan, the calm, calculating and rational anubis had swallowed my dick to its base. She suppressed a cough, the poor girl getting too caught up in the moment and going past her comfort zone rather overzealously.


Even Rose was impressed; I heard awe escape from her lips as Susan held back gagging and whined a little. To her credit and resolve, she pulled back, and my member emerged before she leaned forward and swallowed it in its entirety once again. After deepthroating it a few times, she picked up the pace, and her entire mouth worked together to stimulate and stroke me all at once. I had no strength left for words anymore. I could not hold back the groans and moans escaping from the corner of my mouth; what little space I had that wasn't smothered by Susan. This much still wasn't enough for the two of them though; Rose would not be outdone.


I felt a scaly claw cup and hold up my scrotum; the tendons undulating up and down as the testes inside were massaged and caressed. For a claw which there was always grasping steel, Rose claw managed to be gentle... But not completely gentle. Along with the massage, I felt the tip of something press up against my anus. It was an odd unexpected feeling. I wasn't entirely sure what was going on until that feeling became distinct rather than disappearing. Amid my haze I awoke for just a moment, enough to scream out in my head, “Damn you Victoria!” A dangerous sharp point pressed inwards and violated me, but even that feeling didn't last long. The sharp point, no doubt one of Rose's talons, found its mark. A soft plushy organ hidden behind fleshy walls inside. With the cocktail of passion and lust that had built up, the simplest poke or prod sent a lightning bolt from my ass, to my spine, to my brain and blew it away. Prostate stimulation.


My body moved on its own. I couldn't move my legs, Rose was no doubt pinning them to the bed. I couldn't move my torso because Susan was lying down on top of me. I couldn't move my head because her butt was on my face, and my arms, my only free limbs, had betrayed me. I spread open Susan once more, and my breaths tickled and stimulated her. This time though there was only one way I was getting any relief. I had to return the favor. As long as Susan had her stamina, she'd stay on top of me. It was time for me to counterattack, so I licked her. Just one little lick and her whole body shook and shuddered. A yelp from the back of her throat vibrated through my penis. Not exactly as planned, but I did it again. I don't even know why anymore, but I did it. Susan built up toward another orgasm, and I was almost boiling over myself, bigger than the last.


Unexpectedly, one rough caress from the talon and a trigger had been pulled. The bullet sped its way through my shaft and exploded suddenly and violently into Susan's mouth. Again she yelped in surprise, but that wasn't the last round. Like a hose spraying water, I painted the back of Susan's throat white; more than I thought was possible rushed out. Each pulse from my prostate caused the muscles in my buttocks to quiver, my hips to shake and thrust and electricity to run wild through my body. The pink and tan skin before my face whited out, and my hearing became shaky as Susan moaned and gave out a muffled orgasm as juices flowed from her into my mouth as I poked and prodded at her with my tongue. A mere moment later than I, the moment my semen touched her; she reacted and orgasmed immediately.


Having suffered twice in a row in such a short period, Susan finally lost her strength and rolled off me. There she laid on the bed. Her eyes were unfocused; her lips pursed and holding something in; her cheeks slightly distended as she breathed through her nose. Imitating Rose from before, she sat back up, titled her head and swallowed. Her face scrunched for a moment afterwards, perhaps disdain for the taste, but afterwards she wore the same glow as Rose.


     “You- You didn't have to-” I tried to say, now able to breath and speak again.


     “No~” Susan said in a daze. “Every part is sacred. Not a drop must be wasted...”


     “Heh.” Rose snorted. “Now that the skirmish is complete... Let the battle be joined.”


Susan shook her head, still in a daze, ”Wha- eek!”


Rose pushed her aside, and Susan fell helplessly beside me on the pillows at the head of the bed. Without another second wind left in her she couldn't resist as Rose plopped herself down on my waist and pushed me down onto the bed with her claws on my chest. Her fire was burning bright almost blindingly bright, and her white razor teeth were gleaming as she looked down at me.


     “Rookie's mistake in battle. Throwing everything ya got in the first few moves. Now it's my turn.”


I looked down and noticed that even after blowing that massive load, I hadn't softened at all. I was as hard as I was before. Rose had worked herself up so much, and there was so much lubrication and fluid that she easily lifted her waist into the air and brought it back down in a hurry, and in one motion I felt a heat that couldn't be rivaled from before wrap itself around my penis. A heat boarding the thin line between pleasant warmth and scorching pain. Rose's insides rubbed, twisted and squeezed me aggressively. As Rose lowered herself down to the base, her mischievous smile being twisted into a face overcome by ecstasy.


     “Can you feel me Laven? Ah~ It's me. Ah~ All this heat...Me.”


Leaning back and holding herself up with her claws digging into the bed behind her, she shook her hips back and forth and ground herself against me. Her movements were wild, unpredictable and violent, just like her. Straddling me, with her knees out she lifted herself up and down on my shaft. Cupping her breasts in the palms of her claws, she kneaded herself as her amber eyes dulled and unfocused; her mind going blank; her tongue hanging loosely.


The harder she pushed against me, the more I felt like I was going to fall through the bed, so I reached out and held Rose by the waist. My simple touch causing her back to arc and let out a wail of pleasure. She pulled her head back and looked down at me looking up at her; her face glowing and warm with a smile. That face of hers with that expression was just too much. She fell back down to her knees, and her weight pressed down on my chest. Her breasts squishing and kneading against me. She looked up at me with those ecstasy filled eyes as I rocked my own hips back and forth, sinking my hands into her buttocks and pulling her closer to me with every thrust we made together. We didn't break eye contact until I picked up the pace, and she buried her cheek into my chest and began to pant hard, quickly approaching her climax.


Beside me the bed sheets ruffled, and Susan pulled herself toward me. Lying on her side she brought her face to mine when I turned to see her, and she locked her lips with mine, slipping her tongue in for a passionate kiss. All the while, I kept moving my hips and thrusting into Rose, lifting her small feminine form into the air with each thrust, and with each thrust she moaned louder, hotter and heavier than before. Susan wrapped her paws around my waist and tilted her head down to press her face as close as she could against my groin. Attacked from both sides, I felt I was soon going to reach my limit as well. When Rose shook one last time and let out a loud cry as she moaned in orgasm, her tight walls inside squeezed down hard, and her tail exploded into an inferno that sent embers in every direction. She heated up so much that I felt my own dick would melt like wax. Instead I oozed and shot a different milky white wax deep into her. My penis pulsated  again and again while being massaged, sucked and squeezed by Rose's vagina desperate to milk me again and again without end.


Rose held onto me tight, but eventually she pulled out and fell off me. Plopping onto the other side of the bed, breathing heavily, her fire burned brightly on her tail beside her, swishing back and forth pleasantly. Susan pulled away from the kiss so that she could look upon me, gaze right into my eyes. Not once since that last ejaculation did I go soft. I was still hot, hard and twitching, somehow not sapped of my stamina. I turned on my side and faced Susan who looked at me perplexed and confused as I turned her to face the other way. Lying on my side, I prodded my tip against the entrance to her pussy, something she did not expect. I reached over and groped and kneaded her breasts and felt her heart beat faster and faster as I wrapped myself around her more and more. She moaned.


     “Laven, please... Love me.”


She waited with sultry eyes for the reply she wished to hear. I leaned over and kissed her, locking lips with her again. With her paws she reached down and helped guide me into her. The warmth from Rose was not there, but a more powerful force squeezed down on me as her tight walls tried to keep me from entering but resisted me from pulling back and sucked me back in every time I surged forward again. I felt her tail wag back and forth and brush up against my chest as I pressed myself up against her back. I felt her heartbeat and her chest rise with every gulp of air she tried to take as our tongues met and mingled in  each others mouths. Fast and furious, my pelvis slapped against her buttocks quicker than before, and I felt myself reaching my limit. One last spurt of speed, and once again I do the impossible and ejaculate inside Susan whose eyes widen in surprise then narrow as the afterglow sends her into a daze as she cums a little.


Even then I was still hard. My thoughts turned only to doing away with this pressure in my loins; something inside that needed to be pushed out. An overflowing energy inside me that needed to be acted upon, expressed and shared. A heat inside me that would not dissipate. I felt every strand of hair I had standing atop goosebumps. Slumping back onto the bed, Susan went limp again, satisfied, while I was not. I noticed Rose stirring and lifting herself back onto her arms as she looked at me, but then her eyes widened in surprise when she notices I am hunched over, breathing hard, wild. I reached out and grabbed Rose by the shoulders who shrunk as I pulled her in and brought her face to mine and to kiss her passionately again. The flame on her tail sputtered and shot out a few flickers of flame, wagging back and forth weakly as I greedily attacked the inside of her mouth with my tongue. An odd change from the regular, as her long lewd tongue is put on the defensive this time.


With wild abandon, I pulled away and pushed Rose on top of Susan who still laid on her back. Rose's head rested between Susan's breasts; the anubis herself still in a daze and looking on in surprise. Straddling behind the two with their pelvis's stacked on one another; their womanhoods almost grinding and pressing together. I surged forward into Rose once more. With a few thrusts, I pulled out and pushed down to enter into Susan, thrust a few times and then returned to Rose. Every so often, I would miss and squeeze myself between the two, sliding between the intercrural-like area between their two pussies. Unable to catch a breath, the two monsters heaved, panted and moaned sweetly as I grunted and groaned and ceaselessly thrust my hips into the two of them. I felt myself reaching yet another climax and picked up my speed, switching between the two of them with a speed and finesse that brought them ever closer to their own orgasms. With perfect synchronization, I blew my load again whilst still inside Rose, rocking my hips gently back and forth to empty the last of that load. Even then I still pulled out my rock hard member and watched as the white essence oozed out of Rose and down onto Susan.


Still spurred on by a cocktail of too many feelings, magics, curses, emotions and wild thoughts, I pulled Rose off Susan and laid them side by side. Thrusting into Susan this time, I went like a wild beast; my free fingers toying and playing with Rose's folds.


     Rose pleaded, “Okay- Ah~ You win Laven. I didn't know you were ah~ playing, but you win~ so you can stop, AH~”


     “Pharaoh. Laven, please, eek~ Cease at once, I- I can't think any- ah~” Susan moaned.


But I didn't stop. I kept thrusting and stirring my fingers and switching to the other when I fancied or my arm needed to rest. But my hips never seemed to tire. The heat there never seemed to fail in keeping those muscles warmed and ready for action. I think after cumming lightly another three times, I stopped remembering. I stopped remembering, but I'm sure I kept going.




Seated on an old oaken throne, her legs thrown over the arm rest, and her back leaning against the other, the Succubus Milonia playfully swished her feet in the air, her tail whimsically whipping at the foot of the throne and her wings twitching and flexing. With a glass filled nearly to the brim with a deep red wine in one hand and the thumb of her left hand filing and cleaning the other nails, she hummed a little song to herself. Sprawled on the room surrounding her, down the stairs from her throne which stood where the mayor sat in town hall meetings in decades past, were sleeping young and handsome men whom she had hand picked for herself. A succubus unable to find their compatible mate must still receive spirit energy, and one as powerful, noble and of high rank such as herself needed a great deal of energy. For now she was satisfied, simply waiting for day to come, the time she'd sleep most peacefully.


At the base of the stairs leading to her throne, wisps of black smoke swirled, and a minor gale of wind kicked up. Materializing in that smoke's place, a woman dressed in black and vibrant pink appeared on one knee. With a pink mask covering her nose and mouth she was bowing her head in deference to the succubus seated on the throne. She had all the markings of a ninja from the east, but her pointed elven ears, the seductive and vivacious dress that exposed her thighs, cleavage and arms and the swirling black mist of demonic energy that hung in the air before her sudden appearance indicated this was no human. It was a monster. One of the kunoichi from an island far away to the east. A few tribal tattoos on her thigh, arm and breast marked her clan, the Shadow Glades. Master of stealth and subterfuge but, unlike human ninja, they were masters of the mystic arts of seduction that can bring any man to their knees and bend him to her will and ultimately to the will of this girl's master.


     “Ah Shizuka, you come at last.” Milonia chuckled.


Milonia hadn't even looked in the direction of the kunoichi, but she knew exactly who she was, and that she had arrived at all, even when she had without making a noise at all.


     Milonia titled her neck and looked at the prostrating ninja and with an eager smile asked excitedly, “What good news do you bring me today? You must hurry. I have guests to greet this morning. Oh? Did I say guests...” Her smile turned wicked, and her voice twisted and venomous, “I meant new brother and sisters. Oh~ I really do want to have a taste of that young man. I'm sure those two will understand. Don't you think?”


     “Mistress.” Shizuka spoke flatly yet betrayed a hint of a dire within her tone.


     “Yes? Speak now. Perhaps you wish to tell me yourself how last night went. You must know how excited I am to have new playthings. It has been ever so long.”


     Shizuka took a deep breath and with her head still bowed spoke, “The three foreigners... They are gone.”


Milonia's face did not change one bit, but the grip she had on her glass slipped, and it fell from her hand. Shattering on the steps, the wine inside rolled down the stone toward the ninja kneeling down below. With her face still frozen, she sat herself properly on her throne before her face twisted from wicked grin to an angry menace.


     “They what?” Milonia bellowed.


     “At the first coming of the sun over the horizon, I saw the three of them leaving down the path to the south.”


Milonia clenched her fist together and slammed them on the arms of her throne.


     “That's impossible. You told me not long ago of all the wild things happening in that room. The room I prepared myself. A room I flooded with enough demonic energy to-”


     “Regardless, my mistress, that does not change the fact that the three of them have left-


     “Then after them. Bring the lizard, the dog and that man back!”


     “Is this what you wish? I have learned that the Salamander is the one known as The Thorn Knight. The wolf is no wolf but an anubis. One this far north, on this continent is... unpredicted. Her divine power considerable, abnormal... Alarming.”


     “Are you telling me you cannot? Or will not?”


Shizuka did not say a thing, she kept her head bowed and silent. Milonia clicked her tongue in annoyance.


     “The man among them... The one who called himself, 'Laven'. Rumors which I cannot confirm nor deny swirl around him. A man in the company of monsters, not unknown to the embrace of monsters, all but immune to holy water.”


Milonia's eyes widened at this news, and her voice cracked, “Immune? Then perhaps to the corruption of demonic energy too-” Milonia went deep into thought before continuing, “Does Princess Elektra know of this?”


     “Princess Elektra has not been seen for some time. Her research and herself she hides well. I have not had the time nor resources to find her again.”


     “Then your next task is to do just that, Shizuka. I hear rumors she has been depressed since her last experiment ended in failure... But something as interesting as this... I think she would find it very... fascinating.” Milonia said, an unbelievable amount of venom dripping from the last carefully chosen word.


Nodding her bowed head once, the kunoichi reduced herself to a swirling mist of black fog and scattered to the four winds, only the sound of a light foot step signalling her departure: her vector, speed and destination unknown.


     Leaning back on her throne and tenting her fingers and long nails together Milonia grinned another sinister grin, “I'm sad you did not get a chance to play with your big sister, Laven~ But I'm sure you'll have some fun in the near future. Oh ho ho ho ho~” She laughed, holding her hand daintily next to her mouth.




I felt strangely refreshed. Never had I felt better, so far as my limited memory stretches back... Although I wasn't exactly sure how. My hips were still sore; I wasn't sure of all the details; my memory got a little foggy about half way through until they cut off completely, but I did awake on a soft bed... naked... with my arms around Susan and Rose who were also naked. They were sleeping so peacefully; their faces glowing and smiles plastered on their faces. It took me about ten minutes just to work up the willingness to wake them up. We had places to go though. It was dawn, and we had to get away from this place as fast as possible There was something that felt very off about this place, something eating away at the back of my mind. I think it was also a bad influence on the girls. After all they... well, they both went a little, well, wild to say the least last night.


     “I feel like I'm forgetting something.” Rose suddenly said; my heart stopped in my chest. “You feel like you're forgetting something too, Hannah?”


     “No, not at- I said stop calling me that!” Susan yelled back, only noticing after a second.


She's getting quicker with her retorts.


     “Laven, do you remember anything.”


     “I only remember you pushing yourselves on me when we agreed not to. Did neither of you remember what we were told?”


     “Eh heh heh,” Rose chuckled. “Sorry about that. The mood felt just right, and I just had to. Well... After I thought I lost you before back in Vilm...” Her voice dropped low with a tinge of sadness in it. “Aw, forget it! We're fine now.” She yelled, now walking backwards to point at Susan. “But we still have a score to settle, Susan.”


     “I said my name is not-” Susan said, shuddering in barely contained rage.


     “Last night doesn't count! No one knows the score, so we'll just have to do that again-”


     “No!” Susan and I yelled in unison, although I'm sure for different reasons based on different recollections of last night.


     “Alright, alright. Sheesh.” Rose groaned, disappointed.


Rose fell back to my right with Susan on my left, and we walked the old path partially reclaimed by the forest and meadows. The sun rose above the hills and warned the dewy fields of green, and the song birds chirped in the trees all around us we walked on.


     “Hey, Susan.” Rose said, interrupting the pleasant silence.


Susan didn't say a thing.


     “I said hey... I spy with my little eye-”


     “No! Not this again. Can you not be silent for once?” Susan turned and yelled; her patience snapping easier than a twig.


     “Alright alright.” Rose quipped. “It's green by the way.”


     “ARRRRGGH!” Susan growled and took a swipe across my chest at the Salamander.


Rose—who was holding onto my arm—leaned far back to dodge the claw swipe. But Susan didn't stop, and she came barreling right into me. Half my weight was pulled that way already so I lost my footing and fell into Rose carrying Susan along with me. In one collective yelp of surprise we fell off the road and into the ditch on the side of the path in a heap. I wasn't sure where my hands were, or my face, or anything really, but my landing was very soft. Too soft. We were twisted into a mess, a heap. The two of them fought and struggled to pry the other off of me. Their breasts and butts and other embarrassing unmentionables pressed up against me.


     “This is gonna be a long journey after all.” I sighed.