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Ba'el is member of a particular family of dark beasts known as the baphomet. They are often thought as being the same as demons and there is little difference between them other than their origins. The baphomet came into existence as a result of the world of men and the Hells beneath it were inadvertently joined via the astral plane. Records of these beings date back eons and possibly predate written history. However, unlike demons which were born as shadows cast by the light of God's creation, the baphomet came later, during the early years of fourth age at the earliest. Records from a multitude of cultures and religions depict them differently, but their influence remains immutable. Demonkind preyed upon humanity (and demi-humanity) for countless millennia. Mortal souls were their nourishment and they were insatiable beasts. And from their home in the circles of Hell, and the dread tower of Pandemonium, they have wrought immeasurable suffering upon the world.


Pandemonium—The Abyssal Tower—Is a spire that rests at the bottom of Hell and stretches up toward its ceiling. Hell is multilayered and shaped like an inverse cone. This is why it is commonly referred to as the Hells, plural. There are nine circles, each smaller than the one above it and with ceilings several kilometers high. The deepest level is where the spire of Pandemonium rises. It is so tall that even the highest levels can look down over the edge and see its crown rising through the abyss. No demon can escape its gaze, and just as well, because it is there that the Demon Lord's throne resides. The baphomet are native to the furthest reaches from Hell's center.


One would not be faulted for believing that the Hells exist below the surface of the world. However, it exists in a different dimension. For that reason, the demons have great difficulty in traversing into the material plane where their mortal prey reside. The gods would never abide their existence, so they made their forms nigh impossible to maintain in that realm they watched over. But demons would never be feared, nor known, if there were not a backdoor. There is yet another dimension that interweaves with all the planes, one that binds them altogether: The Astral Plane. And it is the Astral Plane the baphomet have the greatest dominion over.


Magic is the phenomenon of the astral plane and it transcends the gods themselves. Magic's presence in the world is akin to brightly dyed strings that are interwoven in an otherwise mundane tapestry. Not all creatures can see it, but those that can have access to great power. There is the divine light which can shape the world, but there is also the spark of magic which can warp and even break reality though force of will. It is through magic that demons have always made their existence known to mortal and immortal alike. With enough magic, a demon can ride the astral waves into the material plane. And there demons have not only been feared as predatory monsters, but even been worshiped as gods. Why not when they demonstrate their power and demand obedience and sacrifice?


The beings which would become known as the goat-headed demons have a peculiar relationship with this astral plain. Baphomets are said to be so sensitive to magic that they are almost metaphysical beings. The potential strength a baphomet posses is incredible and believed to be limitless. Still, they are ultimately reliant on the winds of magic rather than their natural faculties. The other terribly powerful residents of the Hells, such as Pit Fiends or Balors, possess more power on average. Yet the goat-headed demons enjoy something those two could never dream of: The incomparable freedom to stalk the material plane. They mingle with mortals and sometimes masquerade as minor deities. In exchange for obedience and mortal souls, they offered magic power to their followers. That is how the baphomet rose to be among the most powerful denizens of hell. It is also the origin of the Sabbaths.


Ba'el was one of those who over thousands of years cultivated and reaped countless souls by bestowing magic power on mortals. With each soul gained she grew in power until she became a duke on the third layer of hell. But Ba'el also had insatiable curiosity in addition to her hunger for souls. Her cultivation of her cults was as much about studying humanity as it was reaping them. She wondered what made them function and what was their true nature. A common question that plagued her was, 'Why were they so willing to give up everything for a few more years of life and power?' It was not a requirement to sell your soul to have magic powers. Some are born naturally with it, but many coveted it while others wished they had more of it. No matter how much time passed, she never received her answer. There was too much of a divide between her and mankind.


Eventually she dreamed up an experiment. Ba'el cultivated one human in particular. She was just a lowly human girl, but Ba'el made her into a powerful witch, more powerful than any before her. She poured so much magic into this girl that her power she wielded was comparable to that of a powerful demon in its own right. Such a thing was unthinkable to other demons, how could she possibly control the girl? Yet Ba'el manipulated the girl's feelings into an unbreakable trust and infatuation boarding on romantic. Fogging the minds of mortals with pleasure beyond their own power was a common tactic among many demons. For baphomets it was often carnal in nature and because their form was fluid, Ba'el had seduced many humans before wearing many different guises. With everything prepared she thought that the answers to her questions may come from observing such a being, but that would never come to pass: A new Demon Lord would soon rise.


Demon Lord is not just a paltry title, it carries with it tremendous power. It gives its owner dominion over the Hells and a power that commands not just demons but many of the monstrous races that walk the material plane. It is for this title that demons spend countless centuries struggling against one another. A thousand years ago one demon rose above the others; this demon was more vicious and more powerful than other who came before him. Even for Ba'el, who ignored the calls for bloodshed from other Demon Lords before, his commands could not be disobeyed.


Most of humanity was wiped out over centuries of war. A legion of witches at Ba'el's command caused much destruction, but she lost much as many were slain. For the one witch she created, who had become known as The Crone, she watched her thrive and undergo a transformation. It was too hard for Ba'el to bear. Even while being forced into battle Ba'el only wished study, Ba'el barely retained her idenity in spite of the Demon Lord's commands. The Crone, however, descended into madness and delighted in the power which grew with each atrocity she committed. Every time receiving boons from the Demon Lord himself. There was not even a glint of remorse as her subordinates were burned at the stake in retaliation for their deeds, nor from the Crone who sent them there. When the Demon Lord was finally felled, after the demons fled back to the Hells and once the monsters scattered; Ba'el retreated elsewhere— broken. There were so few demons left compared to before the war. Had she had wished it, the she could have staked claim to a sizable region of Hell. Yet she did not. She could not. The weight of having her will violated by that Demon Lord was too much.


And so Ba'el sealed herself away. The demons went back to fighting amongst themselves. Lesser demons may have sworn fealty, if they could have found her, but she retired from it all. Her power dwindled, her works fell into disrepair and history would almost forget she existed for hundreds of years.


The mortal world was in the progress of recovering and the demons fought to crown the next Demons Lord who would begin the cycle again. But something went awry. A lowly succubus with incredible power, far more than the previous demon lord, swept away the other pretenders with ease. With a strange and terrible power, she remade demonkind. It was an unthinkable act, it was something akin to of a goddess rather than a mere demon lord. The grotesque forms that inspired nightmares melted away until the forms of beautiful human women were revealed. Their malicious and terrible thoughts were swept away and filled with lust. Yet there was also a freedom bestowed upon demons by this new Demon Lord. A haze over the collective consciousness of demonkind faded away. A spirit of unity never before seen liberated them. It is said that Hell itself flooded with the tears of demons who threw themselves before the demon who called herself Lilith, the same named as the fabled mother of demons. No demon before would dare take that name upon themselves before, but it was certainly suitable to do so upon her coronation.


Even Ba'el who was sealed away was not spared from this transformation. The grotesque goat-headed demon assumed the form of a young and pretty adolescent human girl (with a few vestiges of her previous form). Her legs below the knees retained their shaggy brown and silver gradient fur ending in feet replaced by cloven hooves. Her thighs upward to her torso and beyond became human, thin and girly with milky white skin. Her stature regressed considerably as her form changed to that of a human girl, almost a child. Ba'el's arms would resemble her legs with the shaggy fur growing from her elbows down to her clawed paw-like hands. A fluffy and shaggy goat's tail still remained from the end of her spine along with a pair of goat-like ears jutting out from the sides of her head. The green of her eyes would continue to sport their rectangular black pupils as well. A pair of bone white goat skulls seemingly fused to the sides of her head sported two childish looking twintail brown and silver colored hairstyle. Her new uniform was utterly salacious: With metal armor that was bikini thin which covered her flat chest and lower nethers. Only a demon runed mantle and flowing green cloak covered the girl at all.


Crowning her head would be the pride of any demon, a massive pair of curved horns reach up and even further back. No two horns amongst demons are exactly alike. They are much like fingerprints in humans and demons recognize one another more by their horns than they would any other feature. It was these horns that remained virtually unchanged even throughout the metamorphosis. Yet now she carries with her a scar. Her left horn would crack and fracture, an unthinkable wound for a demon to suffer, during the fight for her freedom. And what an odd thing for a demon to fight for, but she would do so for decades, just as she had done for centuries before. If flight from responsibility could be called a struggle against her nature.


And because of this flight from hell, all these monstrous features would not last long though. Ba'el was actively suppressing her power as she remained sealed and would soon take on the form of just an ordinary human girl. When she awoke at last, the demon had no memory and wander aimlessly, lost and afraid. She was eventually found by a caring old man who raised her like a long lost daughter. Even when her seal weakened at times, the old man did not fret, expose her or toss the frightened girl our of his home. Not even when a massive pair of horns would erupt from her skull as she slept. He merely calmed the child as she grabbed them and in a panic tried to tear them off.


It is from those days, the ones that were calm, that Ba'el would at last live and learn everything she had pondered and tried to figure out for countless millennia. Long before she would have to accept she was a demon, long before the memories would slowly seep back into her, Ba'el was allowed a taste of human kindness, unconditional love and a family. But even that could not last forever. The old man eventually grew older and more frail. His aging wife never shared his same forgiving nature either. Had she known the girl was actually a demon, she would have alerted the proper authorities immediately. That is why she fled the home after he was laid to rest in the soil below their home by the coast.


Ba'el would wander for decades. She'd strengthen her disguise and move from one home to the next. The Church's many orphanages were the only place she could find, but there she discovered further human relations and sisterhood. The once mighty demon had no intention to return to Hell nor surrender the life she lived now— not even when she had to flee each new home after only a few years. Ba'el never aged while those around her grew older, but she could still not let go of what little happiness she found, no matter how short it lasted. She was intoxicated with humanity.


Yet even that could not last forever because the Crone would soon return. The witch with tremendous power had been building her own sabbath for centuries while Ba'el slumbered. When the Neo Monster Genesis occurred, the hideous old hag assumed the form of a sweet and pretty little girl. It was a mutation of the baphomet that caused it. The power of magic, the abyssal energy, it made the demons a wellspring of youth. So too did the witches all regress into the form of children whence they'd never age. Yet even The Crone was still subject to the new order of the Demon Lord. That very same Crone, who had killed so many, led many more to their deaths, and believed in nothing but power felt compelled to return the wash of happiness that consumed her hate and malice. However, it could still not completely wash away her madness.


The Crone planned to thrust her gift of youth upon the world. She would expand her Sabbath into its own nation and swell her power by an order of magnitude. She cared not whether those subject to her spell consented, they would adore her the moment they were liberated from the specter of old age and bathed in the power of magic. And she would almost succeed before Ba'el would intervene. With the help of the mortal Laven and his companions, the Crone was defeated and the Northern Marches were saved from falling under the mad witch's dominion— But with great cost.


When Ba'el destroyed The Crone, she broke a most sacred contract and oath. As vile and vicious as demons were (and somewhat still are) oaths, contracts and what law there was, were absolute. She should have been destroyed, but a pact had been made between Ba'el and the mortal Laven while they had embraced. She had miscalculated the man's powers and was taken by surprise with a kiss done in spite by the man. He could not have known the significance, but it was a more powerful pact than the one shared between The Crone and Ba'el— something that would drive The Crone mad. That ancient witch had been nursing an unrequited love of the demon for ages.


The demon that emerged was weaker still, but free. Ba'el is a free spirit, mischievous, sly, vile and vulgar. She has the weight of thousands of years on her shoulders, but acts just as much the petulant child she appears to be. The demon is quick to joke and insult. Her power will return eventually and even now carries strength and magic that would cause man and monster to quake in fear. Even though she is so short, and her body not much different from that of a little girl, magic courses through her body. Rather than rely on her physical form, her strength comes as a direct result of the mana that flows though her. It is for that reason Ba'el could juggle carts as though they were apples. It is all from the same source her terrible destructive power that can obliterate solid stone comes from. Despite all that, her hubris, power and devil may care attitude, the girl's heart is still a flutter near the man who stole her lips. She hides it well and would never let another soul know, but for her, it is now time for the next stage in her journey. Now she travels with the mortal Laven. She is bound by a pact, but it had no conditions set upon it. Her immortality is compromised, so she would be wary to stray far... But she revels in the chance to explore one more aspect of that precious feeling she had chased after for thousands of years. The bumbling human has caught her eye and she sees no end of amusement to be gained in the near or far future.




Eyes: Green

Hair: Silver Grey/Coffee Brown Gradient

Skin: White

Fur: Silver Grey/Coffee Brown Gradient

Height: 147 cm

     (horn lengths): 44 cm

Weight: 37 kg

B:W:H: 73-54-77

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